When it comes to having fire sprinkler systems in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding area, it is important to make sure they are professionally installed and maintained consistently over the life of the system. The goal is always to protect lives and property from fire, and this can only be achieved with the help of professionals who lead in these areas of fire protection.


The importance of fire sprinkler systems is something that cannot be overstated. Fire sprinkler systems are invaluable because they help reduce the heat, flames, and smoke produced in a fire. These systems are reliable, effective elements of a safety plan for any and all buildings. 


“Sprinklers reduce the impact of fires. Compared to reported fires in properties with no automatic extinguishing systems (AES), when sprinklers were present, the civilian fire death and injury rates per fire were 89 percent and 27 percent lower, respectively. The rate of firefighter injuries per fire was 60 percent lower,” according to 2021 data from the National Fire Protection Association. Further, “Sprinklers have proven to be reliable in reported structure fires considered large enough to activate them. From 2015 to 2019, sprinklers operated in 92 percent of such fires and were effective at controlling the fire in 96 percent of the incidents in which they operated. Overall, sprinkler systems operated and were effective in 88 percent of the fires considered large enough to activate them.” Fire sprinkler systems help save countless lives every day.


Many do not realize that fire sprinkler systems are available for both commercial and residential installation and use. A commercial fire sprinkler system is essential for providing protection against unexpected fire emergencies and preventing fire damage at your office and other structures related to your business. Almost all commercial buildings are required by law to have fire sprinklers installed and in working order at all times, making it vital that you work with an experienced company to determine what specific system is suitable and will keep your property and its occupants safe at all times.


A residential fire sprinkler system properly installed by professionals in your home is also a good idea. Such a system will help control home fires; it will help keep yourself and your loved ones safe in a fire emergency by slowing the spread of the flames, thereby mitigating the impact of the fire. Having a quality home fire sprinkler system, complete with the options of fire alarms and around-the-clock detection and monitoring services, is key.

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