Fire alarm safety tips Austin One of the most serious threats to each and every home is fire, especially since it can strike virtually anywhere and at any time. This means that it’s especially important that both you and all members of your family are as fully prepared as possible, and one of the best tools to help with this is a fire alarm.

Here are three of the most important fire alarm safety tips to consider making note of.

*One important safety tip is to select the right kind of alarm for your specific needs. Some of the most common types of fire alarms include battery, 10-year sealed battery, and hardwire, and all of these are extremely effective at detecting both fire and smoke; however, the kind of alarm you select will depend on the needs of both your family and home. Battery alarms are able to be easily installed and have no wiring that’s required, 10-year alarms require no battery replacements for its entire lifespan, and hardwire alarms are wired directly into the electrical system of your home.

*Another safety tip to consider is to have a prepared plan if the fire alarm sounds. This is an emergency that should never be ignored for any reason, as you and your family must be able to get out of your home safely and quickly. This means that you should have a safety escape plan, feel if the door leading outside is hot, crawl on the floor to avoid breathing in less smoke, meet at a pre-arranged spot outside, contact the fire department once you’ve safely escaped, and never go back into a burning building.

Fire alarm safety tips Austin *One other safety tip is to consider the placement of your fire alarm. For instance, if the alarm is ceiling-mounted, place them in the middle of the ceiling itself. In the event that this isn’t possible, you can instead mount them on the wall at least three feet away from a corner and within one foot from the ceiling. You should also keep the alarm away from drafts that are created by air ducts and fans, as moving air can end up blowing smoke away from the alarm sensor.

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