When speaking to an electrical contractor, they will always tell you just how important both codes and standards are. Not only are they required to know their local electrical codes, but they are also required to understand building and fire codes as well. Regardless of the type of building that they will be working with, it can be rather stressful in terms of keeping themselves up to date with standards, technology, and product changes, especially when it comes to installing fire alarm systems.

Here are three of the best tips to consider making note of in order to allow for a successful fire alarm system installation.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most important tips to allow for a successful fire alarm system installation is to keep in mind that any and all short cuts will be caught, no matter what. This is because all fire alarm systems are required to be tested, inspected, and verified on an annual basis. Once all drawings have been completed and all requirements involving wiring have been followed, you will be able to save hours upon hours of unnecessary reworking, as opposed to what you would end up having to go through if you were to attempt to deviate from the plans and instead opt for short cuts. It’s also important to note that fire alarm systems are not required to meet the electrical code as opposed to electrical or lighting distribution; however, there is more rigor that’s involved in terms of life safety systems such as these types of alarms.

*Another important tip to allow for a successful fire alarm installation is to ensure that you are completely familiar with the installation code. In terms of building these types of systems, it’s important to always understand all local requirements in order to prevent any and all unnecessary delays. You will need to note that these standards will vary depending on your area of residence and employment; however, these standards will also often undergo changes and updates, so it’s a good idea to always ensure that you have a copy of all necessary references so that you are always kept as up to date as possible.

*One other important tip to allow for a successful fire alarm installation is to always consult with the building inspector. This is something that you should always do whenever you have any doubts about any of the work that is being performed in regards to the alarm system itself, as it’s always a good idea to officially verify each and every one of the requirements as opposed to just making assumptions or guesses, as these can end up becoming extremely costly. This is something that should be done during the initial construction phase, and whenever an interpretation is required, you should always obtain this in writing. This is because inspectors can always make changes from the beginning to the end of the project itself, meaning that you having documentation will essentially protect you against any and all future claims against work that has already been completed.


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