Examples of community safety. Keeping your dwelling secured is something over which you have a lot of power. However, one facet of home security that can be overlooked is the general safety of the neighborhood in which you live. When it comes to keeping your home and loved ones from injury, it’s just as important to support the safety and security of your neighborhood as it is to protect your individual house.

Neighborhood safety can feel like an overpowering task, but there are plenty of uncomplicated things you can do to help keep your neighborhood free from evildoing. At Dyezz, we’re committed to helping you with all aspects of safety, including neighborhood danger. Here are three easy actions we recommend to help you improve security in your locality.

1. Be Cordial

Not only does a cordial trait make your community a more pleasurable place to live, it can also make it risk-free. Get to know everyone. And we mean more than just a wave as you pass people on the way to an errand. Become the type of person that watches out for one another’s belongings when someone goes on holiday. Learn their routines and pay attention to which vehicles and people belong in your neighborhood. Observe who is going in and out of their houses. Thieves are everywhere.

If you have a neighborhood union, create a reference book so that you know how to reach homeowners if something happens when they are gone. For those without a neighborhood organization, look into hosting a local event, or community garage sale as a way to become more acquainted and to suggest taking a more progressive role in neighborhood guard. It’s also smart to get to know local law enforcement. Invite them to participate at neighborhood meetings or parties and let them know you appreciate their work to protect your community.

2. Unify Safety Resources

Not all neighborhoods can afford to put in safety cameras, but you can determine which homeowners already have cameras, and find out where the weak areas are on your street or block. Coordinate your security attempts with your neighbors to help look out for the whole community, as well as your individual location.

To deter potential burglaries, consider posting signs that the neighborhood is under surveillance. If a crime does happen in the locality, video can make a big difference in pursuing the bad guys. One year the FBI reported more than 1 million burglaries in the United States, and hardly any of those resulted in arrest. To keep your neighborhood from becoming a rotten den of scum and villainy, all those with cameras should give any footage they have to help law enforcement identify and track down the villains.

3. Be Proud of Your Neighborhood’s Image

Examples of community safety – It goes without saying, a well kept yard can deter criminals. Keep your home’s facade nice and tidy, and encourage your neighbors to do the same. Regularly cut grass, neat landscaping, and a roomy porch or yard are signs to burglars that these homes are cared for, and the homeowners are present and vigilant.

On the other hand, overgrown bush and garbage can give criminals easy cover and even help them break into a house, especially if the homeowner left a ladder or set of keys outside. Keep your eye on any vacant homes or open spaces and coordinate with neighbors to keep weed under control and maintain a clean exterior. Work together to cut lawns or rake leaves when neighbors go on vacation, to help keep up the appearance that the home isn’t unoccupied.

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