Most forced entries occur through your entry port, so it’s important to monitor these openings of your house to keep your family and valuables safe. When combined with the other types of sensors in your residential burglar alarm apparatus, point of entry contacts alert the monitoring center if a person opens an entry port throughout your house.

Entrance door security systems – These are the weakest areas of the house and the most usually targeted. If a person is going to bust in, it will statistically almost always be through one of these more weak areas. You will look for the numbers on this but common sense will tell you criminals aren’t sliding down the chimney.

How Point of Entry Safety Sensors Work

These smart sensors usually sport a sensor and a magnet. The magnet goes inside the entry port, and the sensor attaches to the frame. If the entry port opens, the magnet separates from the sensor. When the reed switch inside the sensor detects the separation, it activates the burglar alarm and alerts the monitoring center of unusual activity. You will program the apparatus to call the local authorities immediately after a person opens the door.

The Upsides of Point of Entry Contacts

When you use these devices alongside glass break smart sensors, point of entry contacts will help prevent intruders from coming into your house. These sensors will watch over your property when you’re on vacation or asleep, giving you security of mind while you’re trying to relax. You will also program the sensors to send an immediate distress signal to the central station and local authorities as soon as a person opens your doors or windows.

Where to Install Point of Entry Contacts

Entrance door security systems – A certified pro will install these sensors on your places of entry, especially those on the bottom floor that is easy for intruders to enter. Most of the time, your safety apparatus package comes with a set number of sensors that you will have installed on your property. You may want to consult the burglar alarm company to find out what types of window burglar alarm sensors they offer to ensure you’ll have enough for all the windows and doors you want to protect.

How to Maintain Point of Entry Contacts

The burglar alarm box will typically show an error warning if you have any broken point of entry contacts, but you may want to give them a quick inspection once a week. The adhesive on the sensors could lose its strength, especially if you live in a humid environment. When the bond on the sensor weakens, it may cause your apparatus to send false sirens. Besides checking the sensors, you may also want to check your burglar alarm box for error messages to ensure the whole apparatus works well.

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