Enhanced access control Austin Thanks to various types of added features that are often designed and targeted towards specific businesses, both cloud-based access control software and state-of-the-art hardware implement, integrate, and create a system of record that delivers the best in administrative control.

Additionally, many of these types of software are equipped with important security features that are part of a fully remote and cloud-based management platform. Furthermore, every package scales up or back when needed, as well as provide best-in-class capabilities in terms of access control systems.

Thanks to a more open platform, you can connect with the following factors:

*Safety solutions

*Wellness solutions

*Tenant management platforms

*Visitor management platforms

*Identity services

*Communication tools

Here are some of the best ways in which enhanced access control can help to future-proof your business security.

*Advanced Rules Engine, which automates processes all across each and every IoT connected site with an unlimited amount of rules thanks to a rules editor that is extremely easy to use.

*Occupancy Tracking, which, especially thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, is designed to help automate and enforce social distancing in those businesses that still work to enforce such mandates by utilizing built-in occupancy tracking, as well as establishing capacity limits by zone.

*Enhanced Role Management, which is designed to customize site-specific access levels by user, as well as managing permissions for each and every location in a single dashboard.

*Custom User Fields, which is designed to securely store specific user information, as well as utilize an easy search and filter at the user level. Additionally, this is also a feature that is supported by an export via CSV.

*Flexible Lockdown, which is designed to create both site-specific and unlimited plans via remote activation by entry, site, and zone. Additionally, this is a feature that is included at no charge for any and all 501(c)3 organizations.

*Native VMS Integrations, which includes best-in-class video surveillance from companies such as Milestone and Cisco Meraki and links access events with various real-time automatic notifications and video snapshots.

For those organizations that manage upwards of thousands of users across different locations, enterprise-grade software often has added features that is designed to do the following:

*Streamline user management across multiple sites

*Automate processes and decrease the amount of administrative burden

*Scale operations more easily with fully remote access

*Seamlessly integrate via everyday apps and tools

*Dashboards that fully customizable and that also enable each and every user to monitor relevant data anywhere and on any device

Enhanced access control Austin This kind of software also often runs on next-generation access control hardware, with scalable enterprise access control systems being equipped with more convenient wiring for both optional and easy install WiFi support in order to ensure a more stable network connectivity, as well as anti-tampering alerts. Additionally, cloud-based access control software is both scalable and reliable and also includes a dashboard that is easy to use that also enables fully remote management as well.

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