Electronic commercial door locks . As companies across the nation continue to start up again for business, they have struggled to conform to the new normal. New social behavior guidelines and medical rules call for new safety methods that protect the health and safety of workers and visitors. Modern safety technology, such as smart door access, helps you run your business and can help cut down on the spread of Coronavirus.

Take Control of Personnel and New Safety Protocols with Smart Door Access

Many businesses added tougher checkouts to their safety policies to evaluate workers’ or visitors’ potential exposure to the virus. For workers use to certain rules, they might continue with business as usual and skirt the checkpoint.

Many smart door access setups have new add-ons that require workers to respond to health-related safety queries to determine if they’ve come in contact with someone diagnosed with Coronavirus. If the employee doesn’t respond to the query or answers yes to the queries, the safety system instantly restricts their access. These workers must then go through the tougher checkpoint.

Visitor Reporting

Electronic commercial door locks – Now it’s possible to screen visitors coming to your facility. You can create a customized health questionnaire to identify possible health risks before they enter your business. Using this questionnaire helps you see if a visitor might have been exposed to Coronavirus.

If they respond to a query that could potentially expose your workers or facility to the virus, the system alerts the host. From that place, you can deny them access or take another action.

Contact tracking

Now technology can find other workers who might have come in contact with someone exposed to Coronavirus in your facility. Many smart door access setups have user reporting that allows you to narrow down workers or visitors who occupied the same areas as the infected person.

Your smart door access allows you to use filters to narrow down other possible folks exposed. Contact tracking is a critical part of reducing the spread of Coronavirus. The quicker you identify other folks and areas exposed, the easier it is to control the virus.

Electronic commercial door locks – Smart door access has add-ons that help protect the safety and welfare of everyone who comes to your business. Intelligent safety integrates well with your other safety setups. This integration allows you to update your legacy safety system at a more reasonable price. Contact Dyezz for more information on how new smart door access technology can help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

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