Dog For Home Security. Anytime a burglary occurs in a neighborhood, oftentimes those who are the victims of this type of crime will end up wanting to visit their local animal shelter in order to adopt what they believe will be a great guard dog. However, the question remains as to whether a guard dog will really be good enough to prevent a break-in, or whether it’s better to invest in a home security system.
On one hand, there are some dogs who are born with a natural instinct to protect both their home and their family, which could technically serve as a form of home security system. In fact, anyone who has ever walked past the yard who has a large-sized barking dog likely knows all too well just how intimidating animals like this can be, especially when it comes to strangers.
While this may sound great, there are other instances in which actual home security systems will be much more effective than a four-legged friend.


It’s important to note, first and foremost, that dogs aren’t always the best when it comes to security. There’s simply no way to guarantee that your dog will immediately begin barking whenever someone breaks into your home. Oftentimes, dogs will look at strangers as new friends that they can play with, and other times, burglars can come prepared with various types of food items for dogs to eat as a way to distract them. When it comes to an actual home security system, there’s no possible way for a burglar to be able to bypass it using any of these tricks.


Even worse is the fact that there is always the chance that during a burglary, your dog could end up getting hurt, which is something that no pet owner ever wants to think about. Keep in mind, though, that those who break into homes are never kind to the animals that they encounter. In fact, there are times where family pets will be either injured or killed by intruders who view them as simply standing in their way.


Another factor to consider that may be a surprise to some people is that a burglar can actually sue a homeowner if their dog attacks them while they are committing a crime. It is actually true that in some states, in the event that your dog were to bite someone, you could end up being liable for medical expenses and other additional damages. On the other hand, if someone breaks into your home and your dog bites them, despite the fact that they were clearly trespassing, you could fight any and all legal claims regarding the issue; however, there’s also the chance that you may not be able to. There are instances where burglars have sued homeowners in the past, which is something that only adds stress to those who have been victims of burglaries.


In the long run, when it comes to adopting a dog as a way to bring a new friend into your family, perhaps one of the extra benefits could be scaring off any and all potential intruders. On the other hand, the best way to ensure that your home is even more secure would be to invest in a home security system due to the fact that when it comes to guard dogs, there are all sorts of different variables involved.
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