Different Types of Home Security Cameras – When it comes to selecting a home security camera to install, this type of process may seem pretty easy at first; however, since there are many different options available to choose from, it can end up becoming a little overwhelming as a result. Prior to making any kind of a final decision, it’s important to first understand many of the basics regarding the different types of security cameras, as well as how they all suit the many needs that you require.

Here are four of the most useful types of home security cameras to consider investing in.

*One of the most useful types of home security cameras is the wireless IP camera. This is a camera that is designed to both collect and stream data over a wireless network. Furthermore, they are also able to connect to your home’s WiFi network, thereby enabling you to take a look at your security footage from virtually anywhere. Generally, there are three different kinds of wireless IP cameras to choose from: wired, wireless, and wire-free, the main differences between the three being how the cameras themselves are actually powered.

*Another of the most useful type of home security cameras is the smart voice integrated camera. This is among the newest type of camera available these days and are more suited for a smart home system. You will be able to utilize various voice commands in order to both monitor and control your wireless security system. Additionally, you will be able to take advantage of increased amounts of flexibility, easy use, and a comprehensive amount of coverage as well.

*One other useful type of home security camera is known as the dome camera, which is also commonly referred to as a ceiling camera. While oftentimes used indoors, these types of cameras can also be used outdoors as well. Additionally, dome cameras typically offer a much wider viewing angle and are also much more resilient to both vandalism and tampering. Furthermore, this type of camera is also able to be installed easily regardless of whether it will be used indoors or outdoors, and it can also be mounted on either a ceiling or a wall. Another useful fact about dome cameras is that they are able to utilize technology such as heat sensing, motion sensing, and night vision, as well as connect to NVR and DVR recorders.

*Another great type of home security camera is the bullet camera, which gets its name due to the long and cylindrical shape of the camera itself, similar to that of a bullet. The look of the camera itself is rather distinctive, which is a major advantage due to the fact that it helps to offer a visible deterrent to burglars. Additionally, the shape of the camera itself also enables you to concentrate on a more fixed view, including specific entry points and exit points. As with dome cameras, bullet cameras are able to be easily mounted onto a ceiling or wall, as well as used both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, the tip of the camera features a small cover that is designed to provide protection from inclement weather elements and glare reduction.

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