Cybersecurity trends Austin

This new year is one that is likely to be remember as one of increases, such as increases in security standards, ransomware attacks, and technology risks. Since cybersecurity attacks are now on the rise, it’s extremely important for security professionals and IT teams to be much more alert than they had been previously.

Here are three new year cybersecurity trends to consider.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the best new year cybersecurity trends to consider is how quantum computing will start to disrupt encryption. Many cryptographic algorithms these days tend to rely more on the belief that no processor is actually powerful enough to crack them in a more reasonable amount of time; however, quantum computing will give this kind of processor a chance to exist. Despite the fact that this kind of technology remains far away from any kind of practical application, concern continues to grow, and as the technology itself continues to mature, further widespread adoption of post-quantum encryption standards can be expected.

*Another of the best new year cybersecurity trends to consider is how attackers will end up using residential home networks as their infrastructure. Home networks are often much easier to infect with malware as opposed to a more professionally secured environment. Thanks to the overall increase of bandwidth connectivity and processing power in homes, networks here will end up becoming more attractive to criminals. For instance, if they are able to infect multiple devices, they will have the ability to change IP addresses and domain names. This is a threat that should be kept in mind by IT teams whenever they review all of their security strategies and incident response plans.

*One other new year cybersecurity trend to consider is that cyber insurance costs will end up increasing, as well as policies mandating higher security standards. Due to the fact that insurance payouts are becoming more costly and frequent, the overall cost of cyber insurance is skyrocketing as well. In fact, prices increased approximately 96% in the United States and 73% in the United Kingdom for the third quarter of 2021, and continued increases are expected this year as well. Furthermore, insurance policies will also require the implementation of more critical controls that decrease the risk of cybersecurity incidents.