Crime Prevention Security:

There are many professional burglars at work, especially with the current pandemic emptying business offices due to a shift by employees to telework. This is a major concern for business owners right now. There are steps you can take to deter crime and prevent your business from being burglarized. Read on for more on crime prevention for businesses.


Aside from having deadbolt locks installed on every door, investing in an alarm system is the central means of crime prevention for your business. Your alarm system should send alerts for awareness of any entry point being accessed; it should sound an alarm when access occurs outside of standard open hours. Including signage that states that your business is alarmed helps deter intruders, but the alarm system is what helps stop those intruders bold enough to attempt burglary.


Your system should also include motion detectors to expose any intruders, as well as quality security cameras to record the activity of those individuals on the premises. The ideal system has both integrated into the main security alarm system. Adding closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) is also a plus. Your business should have multiple motion detectors and cameras installed throughout the space; they should be installed on both the interior and the exterior of your business for the most effective use. Cameras should include views of the business exterior and parking areas from as many angles as possible, as well as interior views covering the main entrance and exit points (e.g. front and back doors) and any areas where financial transactions might occur.


Lighting is one of the most important elements of a business security system. Strategic lighting inside and outside of the business is the first step. Provide lighting for all exterior doors, windows, skylights, and other entry points with permanent fixtures that are out of easy reach and consider special covers for those lights sources to deter easy tampering by burglars. Also, light the interior of your business so any unauthorized parties are visible to passersby who might report the suspicious activity, or so that such activity is more clearly visible on any security video recordings. And make sure that the parking areas are well lit as well.


The best security system for your business might also include a key card access system. Key card access is important for limiting access to specific individuals. They allow for you or a representative of your business to manually unlock doors for any staff member or client with a card. Further, when an employee requires access outside of normal operating hours, key cards can be used (usually in combination with an access code) to gain entry to the business space.

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