Covid office reopening plan. With businesses opening up it’s important to create a strategy and implement procedures regarding how to protect your business and your employees from contracting this virus at work. OpenPath is a company that creates solutions for businesses like yours through state of the art security products. We can install a wide range of their access control systems.

Access Control Systems are more vital now than ever before because they allow contactless entry in to your business. Other benefits include:

    • Eliminating common touch points such as door knobs.
    • Supporting social distancing and remote work.
    • Managing working hours and schedules remotely through cloud-based software.
    • Activating remote unlocking and instant guest credentials for visitors and clients.
    • Executing lockdown plans from anywhere to protect your business and employees from intruders.

OpenPath has been tracking real-time consumer access control usage to analyze the impact that social distancing and reopening measures are having across the US by state and industry. By monitoring this business owners can track the likelihood of infection.
There are current guidelines set by OSHA on how business owners can further protect their company.
“To reduce the impact of COVID-19 outbreak conditions on businesses, workers, customers, and the public, it is important for all employers to plan now for COVID-19,” Occupational Safety and Health Administration said in their guidebook.
Suggested measures include:

  • Educating your employees on the symptoms of COVID-19 and dedicating additional HR resources to answering employee questions about what to do if they become ill or are exposed to someone who is sick.
  • Encourage remote work when possible.
  • Have employees immediately self-isolate at home if they feel ill with symptoms similar to those of COVID-19.
  • Require employees to wear personal protection equipment such as face coverings and masks. Even better, provide this equipment.
  • Discourage handshaking or other physical contact for employees and clients.
  • Suspend or limit business travel and follow all CDC travel restrictions and requirments.

These pre-cautions coupled with advanced tech like the OpenPath access control system can help prevent an outbreak in your business and endless time and resources wasted.
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*Image courtesy of OpenPath.