As we approach the 12th month of the virus scourge it’s safe to say which the lingering effects on society will be disruptive and long-lasting. folks are under more stress with fewer outlets than ever before. School, work, social life, healthcare have all been severely impacted/switched out over the past 8 months. It’s challenging to wake up each week under a constant barrage of contradicting, confusing, and questionable information. If one is feeling anxious, even for the first time, one is not alone. According to Next Avenue, “There’s a good chance even if one hasn’t experienced serious insanity issues, such as significant depression or OCD, or something like mania, one could now be having some symptoms.” As the crisis continues to impact the mental state of many Americans, the places which traditionally help those affected with insanity issues are being put to the test and dealing with money issues as tax revenues lessen, and government funding dries up.

“The volatile spread of the virus underscores the importance of transforming insanity care in the United States and addressing the functional inequities cooked into the medical specialty organizations and insanity policy. Even before the virus scourge, folks with insanity disabilities faced many obstacles in accessing capable, inexpensive, and good care; this crisis has merely exacerbated these inequities.” The Places for American Advancement

Covid and crime – Across the United States, some crimes are down as folks spend more time in the house, which is great news. However, other crimes could be increasing such as domestic and child abuse during the scourge. Factors such as PTSD, increased time being spent interior with the same family members, and increased alcohol use are potentially all factors in increased conflicts within the house. According to the internet, “Data from a major Texas hospital found a significant year-over-year jump in intimate partner violence cases among patients — nearly all women — who sought emergency care during the virus scourge’s first few weeks.”

Additionally, the CIA released the below information in 2021:

Here are crimes that seem to be growing as we settle into a year of social distancing:

  • Citizen disobedience in the face of state and city restrictions

  • Home theft

  • Speeding

  • Surges in the opioid epidemic

  • Assault on school workers and government officials (usually through hacking, spitting, or scratching)

Crimes that go on to be problematic during the scourge:

  • Invasion of commercial businesses left vacant

  • Home and family violence

  • Anger crimes (especially against foreigners)

  • Auto theft

  • Money scams

  • Price hikes

Covid and crime – In the safety industry, we have noticed the additional strains our clients are under. Our apparatuses do offer security, however, nothing we do at Dyezz safety can perform the job of mental healthcare. We ask anyone suffering from mental health issues or any other disorder to contact their local charities for help.

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