Dyezz offers these tips for protecting your company and property while being safe at house lockdown!

Company safety management system. Our daily lives have changed dramatically since the start of the Coronavirus 19 pandemic and protecting your company while safe at house orders is very necessary! With this change has come stress, fear, and worry. As a longtime company safety and life safety company, at Dyezz Surveillance, we understand the importance of a safe and secure house or company 24 times a day, 365 days a year. We also understand challenges that arise especially during harder economic times and when there’s uncertainty in our world.

Be aware of potential company safety threats

Unfortunately, thieves often don’t take a break but do take advantage of times when companies are most vulnerable. It’s heartbreaking to hear of small companies that are struggling to stay afloat also become the victims of burglary and stealing. Sadly, during this pandemic, some areas are seeing a large uptick in crime or are anticipating it based on future economic hardships. At a time when small companies are facing unprecedented challenges, we know that safety services and taking steps to protect your assets are critical.

Ways to increase company safety during hard times

For companies with or without a safety system:

• First, remember that your workers are among your most valuable assets. Be sure to follow government guidelines and do all folks can to help keep your teams safe and healthy. Keeping your team safe also helps keep your customers healthy, which is vitally necessary.

• Adjust your technological lighting schedule to fit a change in your operations. Using automated lights can help ensure that proper areas of your company are well lit during company times and safety lights are on after times.

• Secure small valuables, such as tablets, away from an unoccupied company. A contemporary news story shared why a small company had the tablet they use to do curbside pick-up orders stolen. Sadly, the tablet helped provide their only source of income during this time. Company safety management system – Another story shared why an auto repair shop had the keys to all its vehicles stolen, and the owner now takes these items house to secure those. When feasible, and if folks have a more secure choice, ponder where folks might hide such valuable items.

• Ensure your company safety video recording gadgets are set to notify folks in the event of a burglary or unusual activity. Share helpful observations from your video surveillance with local authorities and nearby companies that might not have video recording gadgets. Now more than ever, we need each other and to work together. As an example, contemporary safety footage caught helpful images of this truck, that had been involved in the stealing of inventory from company vehicles in its place.

• Ponder safety video recording gadgets or a doorbell video recording gadget that include two-way voice so that folks might speak to an unwanted visitor or folks casing your company.

• Use technological fasteners. Our Dyezz devices, fully integrated commercial-grade fasteners allow folks to handily give distinct lock codes for workers or from a distance lock and unlock points of entry for staff and deliveries at any time. These fasteners can be used on storage rooms, back points of entry, or any entry. Along with safety video recording gadgets, technological fasteners help continue operating from a distance or limiting time on-site.

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