Cloud-based video surveillance is a system whereby video footage is transmitted from cameras to a remote server or data center through the internet. From there, it is stored for possible access in the future, or processed for more immediate analysis. The technology of cloud-based video surveillance provides an effective and efficient way to monitor and secure a wide range of environments, such as residential areas, businesses, public places, and industrial sites.


Cloud-based systems are becoming more and more popular because they offer some advantages over traditional surveillance systems. The fundamental difference between these two systems is what happens to the video footage once it’s captured by the system. The footage from each is transmitted and stored differently. Cloud-based works by transmitting captured video footage digitally over the internet to store footage in a remote server, as opposed to traditional surveillance which stores video footage on-site, on a local server or hard drive of some kind.



These systems are easily scaled in terms of storage, offer indefinite remote access to live feeds and recordings online from anywhere around the world, require less maintenance (and lower maintenance costs), provide advanced analytics (e.g., facial recognition, object detection, etc.), and can be backed up to ensure that the captured video footage is always available and secure, even in the event of a hardware failure, insufficient power supply, unstable network connection, etc.


Traditional video surveillance systems are a great solution for many people. That said, they do have some limits. This can be addressed with a switch to cloud-based video surveillance which has the same features as traditional video surveillance, just coupled with the power of cloud computing. When properly managed, these systems can improve both physical and digital safety and security significantly. They are reliable and flexible, and in some cases can be integrated into other security systems, though you can get one to fully replace your traditional video surveillance system. Consider updating your traditional video surveillance system to a more modernized cloud-based one, as a reliable element of your security system. 

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