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Home Security During a Remodel

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No matter what type of home remodeling project that you may currently be undertaking, it’s always important to ensure that your home is secure and safe from burglars while this type of work is going on. There is always the chance that there will be many strangers coming in and out of the home itself during this process, meaning that you should always exercise as much caution as possible.

Here are four useful ways in which you can work to keep your home secure while undergoing any kind of remodeling project.

Background Checks

Always take the time to perform a thorough background check on any contractors that you’re thinking of working with. This is perhaps the best way to ensure that the contractors themselves are actually credible. For instance, consider speaking with family and friends in order to obtain referrals for contractors, specifically for any that they may have previously worked with themselves. Additionally, make sure that the credentials for the contractors are official, as well as check their employment process. Furthermore, the contractors should also be able to provide you with tips on ways to help you with keeping your home secure while the renovation process itself is taking place. You should also be able to ask questions regarding what their plans would be to ensure that they are able to keep your home safe as well.

Safely Store Valuables

Make sure that you take the time to store anything that you feel may be valuable in order to ensure that it is properly protected. For instance, if you have a safe, this may be your best possible solution. If you are able to bolt the safe down to the floor, do so, as this will prevent the safe itself from getting picked up and taken away by potential burglars. Another option would be to place the safe behind a locked door and keeping the key on you at all times. If you have larger-sized valuables, consider keeping these in a self storage unit or at the home of a trusted friend or family member until your renovation project has been completed.

Organize Crew

Always ask the renovation crew to clean up after they complete their work every day. This will prevent any and all potential burglars from paying attention to your home and getting the idea of wanting to commit any kind of nefarious acts, because nothing draws the attention of a burglar than seeing a lot of shiny tools in a front yard. Take the time to speak to the contractor about what the cleanup regimen of their crew is, whether it’s locking the tools away safely on-site or packing them up and taking them away at the end of each work day.

Educate Children

If you have children, always take the time to educate them about safety rules, especially involving strangers. Let them know that not only should they stay away from any and all dangerous power tools and chemicals that are being used during the renovation process in your home, but that they should also stay away from grownups that they do not know who are not only taking part in the process, but also any grownups that they don’t know who may approach the home while the process is going on.

Security System

The best peace of mind during a home or business remodel comes from installing a security system that allows you to keep an eye on the place at all times and from anywhere. Our security systems fortify all points of entry with alarms, cameras and sensors.

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Detectors For Your Home

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Chances are that out of all of the alarms that you have in your home, a smoke detector is more than likely one of them. However, while this is something that can keep you safe in the event of a fire, there are plenty of other dangers in your home that can cause havoc and you may not have all of the right equipment necessarily to let you know when these dangers are occurring.

Here are four of the most necessary alarms that you should always have in your home.

Carbon Monoxide

Perhaps one of the most important alarms that you should have in your home is a carbon monoxide alarm. This type of substance can build up from various things around your home such as a bad heating system, a generator, or a car that’s left running in your garage. Each year, over 400 people are killed from carbon monoxide poisoning, and over 4,000 people are hospitalized as a result of it due to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, chest pains, and dizziness. In fact, 25 states have enacted laws requiring certain residential buildings to have carbon monoxide detectors.

Natural Gas

Another important alarm that you should have in your home is a natural gas detector. This substance is perhaps the most common source of heat in the entire United States, and it is also used to help power items such as ovens, water heaters, and clothes dryers. Natural gas is often odorless in the wild; however, inside homes, an odorant is attached to the substance, which makes it smell almost like a rotten egg. Oftentimes, gas leaks are rare, but in the event one takes place, it can result in a horrible explosion. If this type of alarm goes off and you smell gas, the best thing to do is to immediately evacuate your home and call your local fire department.


One other important type of alarm that should be in your home is a radon detector. Radon is a substance that kills upwards of 20,000 people per year and is the second-leading cause of lung cancer. This substance is colorless and odorless and occurs whenever naturally occurring uranium in the soil begins to decay. Whenever proper prevention doesn’t occur, radon can become trapped in a home. In the event that this happens, a licensed contractor will be able to find and seal any entry points, then install a special vent system that can expel the gas.


A radiation detector is another important type of alarm that you should always consider having in your home no matter what. While radiation is something that occurs naturally, it doesn’t necessarily pose much of a problem for humans. On the other hand, higher concentrations of the substance can be deadly, such as those released from power plants or x-ray machines. In the event of a potential nuclear disaster, such as those that have occurred recently in Japan or back in the 1980s in Chernobyl, a radiation detector will always be an extremely useful alarm to have.

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Fortify Your Business

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Burglary involves unlawful entry with or without force in order to commit a theft or other type of felony. This is a crime that accounts for a large share of serious crimes throughout the United States, and some of the most popular targets are small businesses, with the largest amount of loss coming in the form of merchandise.

Throughout the past ten years, burglaries throughout the United States have approximately doubled. Business owners can’t afford to ignore being able to prevent something like this from happening again. Thankfully, there are methods in which this can be prevented and business can go on as normal.

Here are some ways in which owners can fortify their businesses against unwanted intrusions.

Illuminate Your Business

Take the time to have plenty of light shed around the business itself. More specifically, each entrance point, including large vents and windows, should be flooded with plenty of light in order to help discourage potential burglars. The best types of lighting will generally come from metallic and mercury vapor lamps due to the fact that they are practically unbreakable. Additionally, it is a good idea to always arrange indoor lighting so that virtually anyone can be spotted by police who will be patrolling the area around the business. Furthermore, window displays should not block the view from the street.


Burglar alarms are another important and obvious step that should be considered as well. The best type of alarm is the silent central-station alarm, which helps to provide the best amount of protection. This alarm sounds off at a private protection agency or a local police station, which the burglar will not know about until the proper authorities arrive to take them into custody. The more traditional burglar alarm would work as well in terms of scaring the burglar away before they have had the chance to complete robbing your business.

Special Glass

Installing specialized glass and gratings is another useful step to consider to help with protecting a business against burglars as well. Both heavy metal window screens and doorway gratings are inexpensive methods to help with protecting display cases. While burglar-resistant glass is actually able to be broken, it is a type of glass that takes a repeated amount of hammering in order to break it, meaning that the burglar will more than likely give up their attempts to break it before they’ve even had a chance to break the glass itself. This is because the substance is made of plastic between two actual sheets of glass.

Tracking Keys

According to experts, records should always be kept in regards to key distribution. Furthermore, all employees should be required to turn in keys whenever they leave the business itself at the end of their shifts. Additionally, having one master key for both the outside doors and the inside offices is something that’s considered to be rather convenient; however, it’s also something that can make burglary a simple matter. Keys should also be coded so that only employees are aware of which specific locks they fit.

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Protect the ones you love this February

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When it comes to owning a new home, it’s much easier to decorate it than it is to set up a security system to protect it. Unfortunately, statistic show that burglars strike homes approximately every 25.7 seconds, which means that home security is something that should be everyone’s top priority.

Here are four extremely useful ways in which you can easily secure your new home.

Trim Landscape

Take the time to shed some light on your home’s landscape. It’s common knowledge that no burglar or other type of criminal enjoys being placed in the spotlight, which means that if you keep the exterior of your home lit as much as possible, you will be working to keep potential criminals away and thereby preventing a burglary from taking place. Take the time to place lights around both your front and back yard areas, as well as near your garage (if you have one) and all other outdoor structures (if you have any). Taking these steps will help to not only greatly cut down on potential criminal activity near your home, but it will also help protect you in the event that you need to be outdoors at night yourself, as it will prevent you from suffering a bad fall.

Install Security System

It’s also a good idea to consider setting up your own security system as well, regardless of whether the system is a basic one or a more advanced one that contains professional monitoring and home automation. Thankfully these days, there are plenty of options available in terms of home security for all types of budgets and every level of protection. The best way to determine the type of system that will suit you the best is to take the time to evaluate all of the needs of your home and neighborhood. You can also contact your local police department in order to obtain local crime statistics to assist you with this as well.

Protect Wi-fi

Locking down your home’s WiFi network is another useful idea to help with securing your new home as well. This is because the network is essentially a doorway to all of your personal and financial information, and by using home automation, you can make your home more vulnerable to a break-in. Additionally, if your WiFi is connected to smart home gadgets or to your home security system, then it could potentially provide criminals with access to your home as well.

Secure Doors and Windows

It’s also extremely important to take the time to secure all of your doors and windows. More specifically, inspect all of them to ensure that they are strong and protected, as these are both areas that burglars will commonly attempt to enter homes through. If you are moving into a new home, consider changing the locks on all doors, and in terms of windows, consider changing the window latches with locks or key-operated levers as a way to update the security of your home. Additionally, you can also reinforce the glass on both of these surfaces with window security film, as well as install window or glass break sensors.

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How a Home Security System Can Save You Insurance Money

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Security System Austin, Despite the fact that you may live in a safe neighborhood, you can still be at risk of experiencing a burglary in your home. Installing a home security system complete with burglar alarms is perhaps the best way to deter thieves from breaking in; however, it’s important to consider whether or not a home security system is worth it, especially when it comes to home insurance costs.

Here are three ways in which a home security system can help to decrease home insurance costs.

Burglary Prevention

Take the time to carefully read your home insurance policy. There are specific home insurance companies who may decide to take the step of increasing the cost of someone’s home insurance in the event a burglary occurs; however, if a security system is installed, these costs could be decreased. Consult with your policy in order to obtain more information.

Discounts on Premiums

Various home insurers may choose to offer a discount on premiums is a homeowner has a security system. If there is a decrease in incidents that result in the property getting damaged, this will let insurance companies know that homeowners aren’t much of a risk and can qualify for discounts.

Limiting Theft Claim Quota

Having a security system installed in a home can enable neighbors to save money by limiting the overall total theft claim quota. Homeowners should ensure their neighborhood hasn’t reached their theft claim quota or the overall number of thefts in a specific area.

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