Now that the summer season is soon to be upon us, this means that all kinds of amazingly warm weather will be available for all of us to enjoy. Unfortunately, this also means that there is an increased chance for fires as well.

In fact, according to statistics, there are approximately 5,000 fires that take place during the summer, especially in commercial buildings. Thankfully, there are many different ways in which business owners, employees, and others can be kept safe from this kind of serious issue.

Here are three useful fire safety tips that business owners should take advantage of during the summer season.

*First and foremost, you should consider conducting an audit of your fire alarm systems. This means that they should be regularly checked and services throughout the entire year, but especially during the summer season, as this is the time of year in which the risks of a fire are much higher. If your business doesn’t have a fire alarm system in place that works properly, this will result in your businesses suffering all kinds of serious property damage.

*Another tip to consider is to take the time to have your HVAC system serviced prior to the summer. In fact, the spring season is considered to be the best time of year to service this system in your building, as pollen, dust, and other issues resulting from summer weather conditions can end up coating various electrical components. As a result, this can lead to fires occurring. Additionally, operating more than one system at once can cause overheating, which is something that can be extra dangerous during the summer.

*One other tip to consider involves exhaust fans. More specifically, be sure to always note that these fans are able to become covered in all sorts of air particulates, which, as a result, can cause airflow to be blocked and the vents themselves getting clogged with all sorts of debris. By taking the time to properly clean these systems and clearing away all blockages, you will be working to ensure that there is a continuous amount of airflow, which is considered to be a great form of fire prevention.



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