Business access control Austin Regardless of whether or not the building that your business currently operates out of has used the same type of access control system for a specific number of years, or even if you’re thinking of putting a newer system in place or something has occurred that demands some kind of change, you should always take the time to properly evaluate both your system and the procedures that are involved with it.

Here are three of the most important ways to help improve the access control system of your business.

*One way is to take the time to update your technology. According to experts, 125 kHz technology is something that should never be used, as they are able to be easily compromised, such as cards being replicated. Instead, it is highly recommended that you install technology that is more highly encrypted in order to prevent this. One expert has gone on record stating “facilities managers and building owners need to keep on top of vulnerabilities. The whole point of putting in access control is limiting who can get in. If you’re using older systems, it’s time to update.”

*Another option is to perform periodic testing of the access control system itself. Similar to the way in which you would test a smoke alarm inside your home in order to ensure that it is working properly, you should also be sure that you do the same with your access control system as well, as each and every device associated with it should be as fully functional as possible. Experts state that you should pay close attention to perimeter door alarms and conduct testing on a monthly to quarterly basis since this will be the only way to know for sure if everything is fully functional.

Business access control Austin *One other way is to take the time to audit exactly who has access to the building. In order to ensure a stricter amount of control over who comes into and out of a building, experts recommend instituting a card swipe system as individuals enter and exit in order to track if, when, and where they are inside the building itself. Furthermore, in the event that they fail to exit from the correct door, they can then be denied access if they attempt to enter through it again. It’s also recommended that you create a third-party database with an owner who enrolls individuals into it, otherwise there will be absolutely no way to know who needs and doesn’t need access.

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