Civil unrest has been a major concern since the summer of 2020, across the US. From protests to riots (complete with looting and violence), Americans have suffered and continue to suffer, both as private citizens and as business owners. Security threats have increased in the last year or so, causing many business owners to hire private security companies to help protect their businesses.

Demand for security protection has increased in the face of civil unrest in America, as business owners seek to deter crime as riots break out; it has become especially important as response times of overwhelmed police departments increase during these events that offer significant opportunity for looting and vandalism to extend from those riots. Business owners are facing substantial risks to personnel and property. Criminal activity such as violence, looting, arson, and destruction of private property (e.g., storefront windows) in riot-prone areas is on the rise, especially as law enforcement personnel deal with more crime than they have had to face at any one time in recent history. 

Business owners already should have a security plan in place to deter criminal activity and protect employees and assets (e.g., monies, products, etc.); it’s of even greater importance in times of heightened threats. It is vital for business owners to consider the physical location of their business, the presence of staff and other occupants, and the assets on-site as they determine the security measures that will best suit their needs.

The first step towards preparedness is for business owners to secure all exterior access points of the physical business premises. They must consider that while doors and windows of the premises might already have security measures in place (e.g., security gates, security lighting, motion detectors, etc.) that deter and/or prevent entry from single individuals, those access points might not withstand an attack by multiple individuals. A quality commercial alarm system can make all the difference in such cases. A monitored business security system is often customizable, to the advantage of business owners who take the protection of their employees and property seriously. Access control systems are also a good investment for business owners aiming to regulate who enters their business premises; they help restrict those who are not officially authorized access. Having a good access control system in place is one key element for keeping your business secure. Using an access control system in combination with security cameras, like CCTV, can increase security even more.

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Article written by: Erika Mehlhaff