Each and every year, fires are responsible for destroying upwards of hundreds of thousands of homes throughout the entire United States, which unfortunately results in the deaths of thousands of individuals. Perhaps the best way to prevent this is to ensure that your family is as fully protected as possible by installing a fire alarm system, especially one that will not only provide monitoring and warn you when such an emergency occurs, but that will also enable you to safely escort everyone out of the home as quickly as possible. The information provided can apply to different commercial establishments such as office, warehouse, and building fire alarm monitoring.

Here are three of the best benefits in regards to having a monitored fire alarm system installed in your home.

*First and foremost, this type of fire alarm system is one that is designed to quickly notify your local fire department in the event that a fire were to break out, especially if you aren’t home. A monitored fire alarm system will send a notification to the alarm center, which will prompt them to immediately send fire and other emergency services directly to your home. The quicker this happens, the better chance they will have of being able to save your home and/or decrease the amount of damage done to it as a result of the fire that has broken out.

*Another great benefit of having a monitored fire alarm system installed in your home involves being able to protect all of your pets. During the daytime hours, pets are often at home on their own due to residents having to go to work or partake in other routine activities. In the event that a fire were to break out during this time, your pets could end up getting injured or potentially even killed. When your local fire department and other emergency services arrive at your home, they will first begin searching for the occupants, and if they discover your pets, they will take the time to remove them from the home just as they would actual people. You also have the option of investing in window stickers that can be placed on your doors, which are designed to alert emergency personnel to the presence of pets in your home.

*One other useful benefit of being able to install a monitored fire alarm system in your home is being able to take advantage of early warning whenever you’re actually at home. Any fire alarm system will first alert you to a fire or any other type of dangerous condition inside your home, and it can also detect other types of issues which will enable you to safely exit your home before you end up experiencing any negative effects having to do with the emergency. Perhaps one of the most obvious issues that you will be alerted to is smoke. In the event that your home begins to fill with this, this is an obvious indication that a fire has started somewhere inside the home. Another dangerous issue involves carbon monoxide, which is a gas that is not only colorless, but also tasteless and odorless as well. Until you begin to feel the effects of it, you will literally never know that it’s even there. It’s important to ensure that a carbon monoxide detector is included as part of your alarm system.

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