Four Things to Know About Fire Safety for Your Business

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With the summer season soon to be upon us, many areas of the United States will eventually end up experiencing all sorts of unusually hot temperatures. With the high chance that a long, hot, and dry summer will end up occurring in multiple parts of the country, it’s important to make note of a few useful tips that will help with ensuring that your business remains safe from the danger of fire during even the hottest months.

Here are four of the most important tips to consider in regards to fire safety for your business.

*First and foremost, always take the time to double-check all of your fire prevention equipment. Devices such as fire extinguishers and smoke detectors will always be your first line of defense in the event that a fire ends up breaking out. This means that you should always make sure that all of your fire prevention equipment works properly and is prepared for action in the event that such a danger were to occur. For instance, Dyezz Fire Controls offers many types of basic fire control systems that are able to be tailored to meet all of your exact needs. Additionally, they have their own staff on site to monitor the systems on a 24/7 basis, which allows you to have all of the protection that you need for your business.

*If your business provides an outdoor area that is designated for smoking for both employees and visitors, you will need to take the opportunity to ensure that the area itself is cleared of any and all brush and grass that could potentially ignite a fire. Additionally, you will also need to provide a receptacle that will be acceptable to dispose of smoking material, such as cigarette butts and cigars, properly rather than allowing them to be disposed of on the ground.

*Gather all of your employees together and hold both a fire drill and fire prevention meeting. These types of meetings are ones that can be extremely worth the time, especially as the summer season approaches. Not only will it be important that everyone be made aware of all of the proper evacuation routes in the building, but it should also be made aware that your business has a plan in place for keeping everyone safe and accounted for in the event that shade or other shelter needs to be sought. Furthermore, in the event that your building is in a more vulnerable area, you should consider discussing both evacuation procedures and fire prevention measures with all of your employees.

*It’s also important that you take the time to review all of the fire response plans that your business currently has. Despite the fact that OSHA requires the majority of businesses to have a fire prevention plan, it can be easy for the plan itself to become out of date. Not only will you need to make sure that your fire response plan is current, but you will also need to remember that OSHA has a minimum amount of requirements that the plan you implement must meet.

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How to protect your business from CoronaVirus

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These days, there are many people who are panicking in regards to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that continues to grip the world. The same can be said for businesses, who are continuing to see a decrease in traffic as the pandemic continues, which has led to nearly every state implementing stay-at-home orders, with the exception of essential travel.

Thankfully, there are ways in which you can work to protect your business as the outbreak continues; however, it will require you to take some precautionary measures as a result, such as keeping the members of your staff well-informed and preparing for the worst.

Here are four ways in which you can help protect your business during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Work From Home Policy

If it is at all possible, establish a work from home policy. Many businesses have taken the step of establishing this type of plan in order to prevent employees from coming in and avoiding contact with other people as a way to help stop the potential spread of the virus. Depending on your business and the industry that you currently work in, there is every chance that you may not be able to offer your employees the opportunity to work from home; however, if you are able to, consider including factors such as remote procedures, guidelines, and employee eligibility. Additionally, you will also want to include rules for temporary remote work as well.

Reevaluate Cleaning Procedures

Another important thing to make note of is to take the time to reevaluate all of your cleaning procedures. This means that you should increase how often your business is cleaned, stock your business with hand sanitizer, soap, and disinfectants, and encourage all of your employees to regularly wash their hands whenever they come to work. Additionally, if any of your employees are either sick or not feeling well, simply request that they stay home and concentrate on feeling better so that they don’t get anyone else sick. It’s also a good idea to request that employees disinfect their work areas on a daily basis as well.

Emergency Plans

Always take the time to come up with an emergency preparedness plan for your business that will benefit both yourself and your employees. Not only should this outline all of the steps that your business will be taking in the event that the COVID-19 pandemic ends up impacting your business, but it should also lay out each and every measure that you will be taking in order to protect all of your employees before things begin to get worse.

Take Advantage of Federal Relief Available

If you are able to take advantage of any and all federal relief for your business, don’t hesitate to do so. The federal government has recently passed legislation in order to help both individuals and small businesses who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in the form of employer tax credits, federal income tax deferments, and low-interest federal disaster loans. The good news is that even more relief is currently being put together by the government as well, and they are currently scrambling to get everything passed.

Install Thermal Cameras

There are plenty of security cameras that you can install to measure employee health and prevent an outbreak. Dyezz Surveillance offers Alibi thermal cameras that can either monitor multiple people at once or scan your employees risks to check for fevers.

Thank you for visiting the Dyezz Surveillance and Security blog, a business security Texas company. If you are looking to set up new measures to monitor your employees health and protect your business contact us today for a free consultation.

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Protect & Detect From Covid

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Thermal body temperature solutions that can help your clients open their businesses safely.

Covid Detection Services. If your customers are looking for solutions to help them open their businesses and buildings safely, our new thermal body temperature detection systems can help. By setting up a thermal detection area or queue, in which persons must pass in front of a thermal detection system, business owners are able to measure body temperature using thermal imaging technology and get instant alerts if anyone trying to enter that may be running a fever. At that point you can pull them aside for further evaluation or refuse access altogether.

Choose the right thermal solution for your customer’s needs.

We offer several different thermal body temperature detection solutions that can read single persons or up to 10 people at a time in a designated area. These thermal imaging solutions help you measure temperature at a safe distance and provide instant feedback. Human body temperature detection solutions are new to the fight against Coronavirus and our team is here to help you find the right solution so your customers protect their employees and customers.

Specific industries that can benefit from these solutions include:

Family Entertainment Centers • Restaurants • Grocery Stores • Hospitals •Retailers • Nursing Homes • Urgent Care Centers and More!

Single-Person Wrist Temperature Detection & Facial Recognition

This compact and efficient unit allows you to measure body temperature using a facial recognition monitor and wrist temperature measurement. If abnormal temps are detected a picture can be taken to keep track of sick individuals.

Safe with no direct contact with the target.

Small size and very reliable

Accurate measurement and supports

Dynamic & static signal detection

High efficiency, scans 10-15 people per minute

Multi-Person Body Temperature Detection Solution and Alert Solution


Ideal solution for high-traffic areas to scan multiple persons at one time with high accuracy.

Temperature accuracy with ±0.3°Cdeviation

Easy installation and configuration

Supports AI face detection for multiple target screenings at one time

Automatic alarms of persons with temps outside of approved ranges

Stores images for future reference

This solution is sold as a kit, and includes:

Thermal Bi-Spectrum Camera (1): Captures accurate optical and thermal images

Black Body (1): Thermal calibration device that helps provide extremely accurate human body temp measurement

Tripod (2): Both camera and black body must be attached to tripods for proper setup

Client Software: Installed on PC to operate the solution

This solution requires a dedicated PC to run the solution software. Call for specs required to properly operate the software to ensure optimal performance. This product was created by ALIBI Security and Dyezz Security and Surveillance are proud to be official installers of this product.

Contact Us Today for more Info on these Covid Detection Devices !!

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How to protect your business while remodeling

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One of the most popular projects that start during this time of year is a business remodeling project, whether it’s a large one or a small one. When it comes to having new people in your business for any length of time, it can naturally make you more than a bit nervous and you’ll likely feel better taking a few precautions in terms of security. No matter what, it’s always a good idea to be on the safe side in situations such as this.

Here are some great business security equipment options to consider in order to help with keeping your business safe during any kind of remodeling project.

Video Surveillance

One useful option to consider making note of the residential video surveillance services offered by companies like Dyezz Surveillance. Even if you will be many miles away from your business, their products enable you to keep an eye on what’s going on both inside and outside your business in real time. Cameras can be placed in strategic positions around the property, and you can even receive personalized notifications solely based on specific preferences that you set. In the event that something were to occur on your property, help would arrive as quickly as possible. Dyezz also utilizes cloud technology to digitally store footage and send it to you. Additionally, whether it be through text message, email, phone call, or all of the above, the company can send both alerts and footage to you whenever you need it.

Access Control Panels

Access codes are another great business security option to help keep your business safe during a remodeling project. If the doors of your business have automated locks on them, or if you have a security system that assigns a specific access code, these devices are able to be programmed so that the crew you hire will be able to have an access code for a specific amount of time. There are even security systems that will enable you to assign access codes with dates, meaning that the codes will automatically expire when the remodeling job is scheduled to be finished.


Perhaps one of the best business security equipment options to take advantage of during any kind of remodeling project is a safe. Prior to allowing anyone into your business that you do not know, especially a crew who will be partaking in a remodeling project, take the time to lock all of your personal, irreplaceable, and/or valuable belongings into a safe. Even if the items themselves are insured, those that have any amount of sentimental value will not be able to be replaced.

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Protect Your Business From CoronaVirus

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Covid office reopening plan. With businesses opening up it’s important to create a strategy and implement procedures regarding how to protect your business and your employees from contracting this virus at work. OpenPath is a company that creates solutions for businesses like yours through state of the art security products. We can install a wide range of their access control systems.

Access Control Systems are more vital now than ever before because they allow contactless entry in to your business. Other benefits include:

    • Eliminating common touch points such as door knobs.
    • Supporting social distancing and remote work.
    • Managing working hours and schedules remotely through cloud-based software.
    • Activating remote unlocking and instant guest credentials for visitors and clients.
    • Executing lockdown plans from anywhere to protect your business and employees from intruders.

OpenPath has been tracking real-time consumer access control usage to analyze the impact that social distancing and reopening measures are having across the US by state and industry. By monitoring this business owners can track the likelihood of infection.

There are current guidelines set by OSHA on how business owners can further protect their company.

“To reduce the impact of COVID-19 outbreak conditions on businesses, workers, customers, and the public, it is important for all employers to plan now for COVID-19,” Occupational Safety and Health Administration said in their guidebook.

Suggested measures include:

  • Educating your employees on the symptoms of COVID-19 and dedicating additional HR resources to answering employee questions about what to do if they become ill or are exposed to someone who is sick.
  • Encourage remote work when possible.
  • Have employees immediately self-isolate at home if they feel ill with symptoms similar to those of COVID-19.
  • Require employees to wear personal protection equipment such as face coverings and masks. Even better, provide this equipment.
  • Discourage handshaking or other physical contact for employees and clients.
  • Suspend or limit business travel and follow all CDC travel restrictions and requirments.

These pre-cautions coupled with advanced tech like the OpenPath access control system can help prevent an outbreak in your business and endless time and resources wasted.

Covid office reopening plan. Thank you for visiting the Dyezz Surveillance and Security blog, a Texas access control system installation company. If you want to protect your company with an OpenPath system contact us today for a free quote!

*Image courtesy of OpenPath.

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How an Access Control System Can Help Your Business

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An access control system is a type of system that allows a business owner to be able to control exactly who enters their business. Furthermore, it also allows a business owner to control when and where an individual can either enter or exit the building as well.

This type of system had previously consisted of a receptionist and a sign-in sheet; however, these days, technology has allowed for much more secure and reliable alternatives such as keypads, biometric devices, and door readers.

In terms of access control systems, only authorized personnel have access to the areas equipped with these, meaning that sensitive information such as accounting paperwork, filing cabinets, patient data, expensive merchandise, and various types of confidential information can be effectively protected.

Access control systems can be implemented to all sorts of entry points, such as the following:

*Exterior doors

*Perimeter gates

*Data closets


*Filing cabinets

*Storage areas

*Inventory rooms

*Accounting departments

When it comes to being able to enhance security in any building, anything is really worth looking into. In the end, you will always be thanked by not just your employees, but you will also be thanked by all of your customers as well, especially since their sensitive and confidential information is what you’re working so hard to keep protected.

Here are four of the best ways in which businesses can benefit from access control systems.

*One way in which businesses can always benefit from access control systems is by improving security. This essentially means that in the event that your business some sort of serious security threat that occurs without warning, having an access control system at your disposal will enable you to immediately lock the building down and either add or remove any credentials as you deem necessary.

*Another way in which businesses will be able to benefit from access control systems is by keeping records. Whenever anyone comes into or walks out of a business, that same business will oftentimes need to keep records of exactly who has come through the doors. Having physical keys will make it next to impossible to determine who accessed specific openings, as well as when. On the other hand, access control systems are designed to capture this specific data and log it. As a result, you will then be able to easily run reports.

*One other way in which access control points can benefit businesses is by preventing lost keys. When it comes to physical keys, the only way in which you can prevent a key from accessing your business in the future in the event an employee loses it is to re-key the entire building. However, access control systems will enable you to deactivate credentials immediately, which will effectively prevent any and all unauthorized users from being able to get into the building.

*Another way in which access control points can benefit businesses is by restricting access. There are often many areas of a business that business owners will want to restrict access to. Thanks to access control points, this is something that can be easily regulated based on a cardholder’s access privileges for specific days or times. This is viewed as being much more preferable than providing an employee with a key that is able to be used any time without any restrictions.

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How Security Cameras Protect Your Employees

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Texas Security Camera Installation Company – In terms of both security and safety for any and all types of businesses, one investment that is extremely important is security cameras. In the event that a business that you own and operate currently does not have this type of surveillance system, now would be the time to seriously consider purchasing one in order to ensure that your business is always protected on a 24/7 basis.

Here are five great benefits involving security cameras for any business.

Parking Lot Cameras

Perhaps most important is that security cameras are great for ensuring that both your employees and customers will always be protected both directly and indirectly. Whenever these types of cameras are installed in parking lots and outside the actual building itself, they will be able to record any and all suspicious activity that may be taking place. Furthermore, company security officers and other law enforcement officials will be able to make sure that employees will be able to reach their vehicles in a safe manner, especially if it’s late at night.

Monitor Transactions

Security cameras also work well in terms of helping to monitor any and all customer transactions, which is something that a vast majority of retail establishments do. For instance, in the event that a customer states that they purchased some type of expensive item, yet they are unable to show the receipt, or if a customer states that one of your employees was either rude to them or provided some kind of misinformation to them about something, all that would need to be done is for you to check the surveillance footage. This will be able to determine whether or not the customer was actually in the store when the alleged incident occurred, as well as what actually took place.

Avoid Lawsuits

Another benefit involving security cameras for businesses is that they can greatly help with avoiding all sorts of costly legal expenses related to dishonest and/or fake claims related to fraud. Perhaps one of the biggest fears for any type of business is being sued by either a customer or an employee. Regardless of whether the incident involved is an injury, harassment, accident, or some other type of legal issue, being able to have video evidence at your disposal will allow you to successfully prove what actually took place.

Employee Monitoring

Security cameras also work great for businesses by providing additional indirect protection for your employees by monitoring each and ever visitor that enters the business itself. Additionally, the cameras also keep a video record of all of their activity during the amount of time in which they are in the building, regardless of how long that may be.

Customer Safety

One other great benefit involving security cameras for businesses is that they help to provide an improved amount of perception of concern for overall customer safety. More specifically, it will show your customers that you actually care about both their security and safety while they visit your establishment. As a result, their overall perception of your business will greatly improve, thereby increasing the chances that they will return often.

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How security cameras provide a sense of relief

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Owning a business comes with many challenges. There are all sorts of obstacles that can make themselves known throughout various stages, whether it’s starting everything up, expanding, inventory, staffing and so much more. Regardless of how big or small your business may be, it can become stressful to keep an eye on every single one of your workflows. This is especially the case whenever you aren’t able to be at your place of business physically.

Additionally, you also won’t want to worry about carrying along any amount of that same stress whenever you’re anywhere with your family, whether it’s at home or on a vacation. Thankfully, perhaps the biggest and most effective solution to help alleviate this very issue is to install security cameras in your business. That way not only will you have to deal with much less amounts of stress due to not physically being there, but you can also keep an eye on everything that is happening at your business as well.

Here are three of the most useful stress relieving benefits of installing security cameras in your business to consider making note of.

Prevent Fraud

The most useful benefit of installing security cameras in your business is that these specific devices are great for preventing both fraud and theft before they are actually able to begin. Additionally, they can also provide you with a method in avoiding fraudulent cases involving injuries as well, such as those involving slips and falls, which are considered to be perhaps the most common types of fraud cases. When you’re able to have a proper amount of video surveillance coverage both inside and outside your business, you will be able to successfully capture all sorts of claims involving theft and fraud, thereby saving you thousands of dollars as a result.

Monitor Deliveries

Another great benefit of installing security cameras in your business is that they can assist you with monitoring both deliveries and other types of events. More specifically, you will be able to monitor deliveries that are either covered by other forms of staff or are not managed in any way at all. When it comes to owning a business, it can oftentimes be difficult to physically be there for something like this; however, establishing video surveillance will enable you to verify that the deliveries you’re receiving are actually ones that you require from the vendors that you regularly rely on.

Monitor/Protect Employees

One other useful benefit of installing security cameras is that these devices are also designed to help both monitor and protect contractors, employees, and so much more. Keeping an eye on everything that the members of your staff engages in on a 24/7 basis is something that is practically next to impossible for you to do on your own. Thankfully, this isn’t something you necessarily have to do anyway; however, in the rare instances that this kind of step would actually need to be taken, knowing that you have security cameras installed will allow you to rest easy. In terms of being an employee or contractor, security cameras offer a form of protection. On the other hand, these types of devices can also work to deter potential criminal activity as well, such as theft.

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The Types of Security Cameras

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Security camera installer in Austin. When it comes to owning and operating a business, perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is how you can always ensure that the business itself is protected at all times, even whenever you are not able to physically be there. The most popular type of protection for any type of business is a security camera, not only because they can always catch any and all possible criminal activity whenever and wherever it occurs within a business, but also because the devices themselves also come with their own specific share of benefits depending on the model that you decide to select.

Here are four of the most popular types of security cameras, as well as the different benefits that they offer.

Box Style Cameras

One of the most popular types of security cameras is the box style camera. This is more of a standalone type of camera which gets its name from the shape of the camera itself. This device functions just like any other camera and is able to be used in environments such as Outdoor Environmental Housings or Indoor mountings. In terms of benefits, the lends of the camera is able to be customized, as can the camera and housing in order to meet the needs of the installation itself. Additionally, there are many different types of lens options available.

Dome Camera

Another popular type of security camera is the dome camera. This device is a combination of a camera, lens, and ceiling mount that is contained in a single dome shape. This camera is designed to function like any other camera even though it comes in housing shaped like a dome. Additionally, it is better suited for environments that typically get more dirty, such as warehouses and kitchens. In terms of housings, these are generally available in both indoor and outdoor. When it comes to benefits, the dome camera is both compact and aesthetically pleasing, and is also available in housings that are resistant to being vandalized.

PTZ Camera

One other popular type of security camera is the PTZ camera, which stands for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. This is a camera that contains mechanical controls that enable the operator to be able to take advantage of the aforementioned features. Other features of this type of camera include being able to use either a joystick or software to control the movement of the camera itself and automatically running patterns or turning to an actual preset position. In terms of benefits, the camera can focus on specific areas of interest, as well as automatically track movement and survey wider areas of interest and zoom in on specific detail.

Wide Dynamic Camera

Another of the most popular type of security cameras is the wide dynamic camera, which has the ability to balance light levels on a pixel-by-pixel basis. Additionally, this camera is also able to handle a much wider range of lighting levels throughout the same scene. In terms of benefits, this camera can also capture clearer face shots whenever someone enters with bright light behind them, as well as with darker shadows on their faces. Additionally, the camera can also be used in areas where there is too much sunshine, as well as where headlights are used. These areas can include parking lots.

Security camera installer in Austin. Our security alarm professionals are experienced and ready to help you choose among the many commercial security systems available to ensure that your home is provided with the best security possible to deter theft and other crimes from occurring.
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Small Business Crime Prevention Tips

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When it comes to the overall success of any small business, perhaps one of the most important factors that will help ensure that this happens is crime prevention. Furthermore, smaller firms are more susceptible to crime than larger firms are, meaning that cash, inventory, and other types of assets will always need to be guarded much more closely. Oftentimes, destructive crimes such as burglary and theft can end up costing a small business literally everything. The best way to prevent these types of crimes from taking place is to ensure that the business owner will be able to recognize any and all potential for crimes against the business itself, as well as hire and train all employees properly and install mechanisms that prevent crime.

Here are some of the most basic tips involving crime prevention for a small business.

-No matter what, always be both aware and alert that a customer has entered your business. Furthermore, never stereotype a customer, especially since looks can always be deceiving.

-Take the time to acknowledge all customers who enter your business, regardless of who they may be. Additionally, whenever you say hello to them, always make eye contact.

-Make sure that you know how to fully protect yourself and your employees. For instance, know where your phone is, or ensure that one is always close by. You can also carry a silent alarm with you or give one to a trusted employee.

-If your business is one that sells valuable items, such as jewelry, always make sure that the glass cases are locked at all times, as well as fastened firmly together.

-If you have any keys for valuable places located within your small business, always make sure that you keep them on you at all times. If you wish to make a duplicate key to give to a trusted employee, you may also do this as well, provided they always keep the key in their possession.

0No matter what, always make sure that you know where all of your merchandise is located, as well as what it is. Whenever you are aware of your inventory and where it is placed, the better chance you will have of noticing whenever something is wrong involving it.

-If you use a computer to assist with organizing and operating your business, always take the proper steps to protect your software and hard drive. For instance, take the time to install anti-virus protection and firewalls as a way to deter hackers.

-Installing an alarm system of some sort will also help with scaring off potential intruders. There are many different types of alarm systems to choose from, and your service provider will always be happy to work with you in order to help you determine which is the best to use for your business.

-If your business is located on the same block as other businesses, consider working together and forming a sort of coalition. In other words, keep an eye out for one another and inform your local police station that you will be operating a business. This will enable the police to conduct regular security checks on both your building and business to check for potential intruders.

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