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How to protect your home from burglars

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When it comes to burglaries, chances are you’ve likely wondered how thieves choose a home to target. Thankfully, there are all sorts of ways in which you can keep your home safe from this type of crime.

Here are three ways in which you can safeguard your home from a burglar.

Install a Security System

Perhaps the best way to safeguard your home from a burglar is to install a security system. While placing a security sign in your yard can be a deterrent, having an actual system is still a good thing to invest in. This means that if an alarm were to go off when a burglar opens a door or window of your home, the chances are great that they will no longer try to get into your home.

Lock Everything

Another useful way to help keep your home safeguarded from a burglar is to always take the time to double-check that the most important areas are locked prior to going to bed at night. These areas should include all windows and doors, including your front door, back door, and garage doors. Additionally, if you’ve moved into a new home, always take the time to change the locks as a safety measure.

Avoid Tall Shrubs

Avoid planting any kind of tall shrubs next to your home. This is something that will typically give potential burglars a great place to hide so that they can attempt to break in either after you go to bed or whenever you leave your home for any specific length of time, whether it’s to go to work, the store, etc.

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How a Home Security System Can Save You Insurance Money

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Despite the fact that you may live in a safe neighborhood, you can still be at risk of experiencing a burglary in your home. Installing a home security system complete with burglar alarms is perhaps the best way to deter thieves from breaking in; however, it’s important to consider whether or not a home security system is worth it, especially when it comes to home insurance costs.

Here are three ways in which a home security system can help to decrease home insurance costs.

Burglary Prevention

Take the time to carefully read your home insurance policy. There are specific home insurance companies who may decide to take the step of increasing the cost of someone’s home insurance in the event a burglary occurs; however, if a security system is installed, these costs could be decreased. Consult with your policy in order to obtain more information.

Discounts on Premiums

Various home insurers may choose to offer a discount on premiums is a homeowner has a security system. If there is a decrease in incidents that result in the property getting damaged, this will let insurance companies know that homeowners aren’t much of a risk and can qualify for discounts.

Limiting Theft Claim Quota

Having a security system installed in a home can enable neighbors to save money by limiting the overall total theft claim quota. Homeowners should ensure their neighborhood hasn’t reached their theft claim quota or the overall number of thefts in a specific area.

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What You Should Do If Your Home is Burglerized

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When it comes to your home being burglarized, perhaps the most frightening thing to think about is a stranger breaking into your home and going through all of your belongings, as well as stealing any of them. In fact, approximately 2 million individuals in the United States of America fall victim to this type of crime every single year.
Here are three things that you should always consider doing in the event that your home ends up getting burglarized.
Call the Police
If you find that your home has been burglarized, contact the police immediately. This is something that should always be done even if it’s believed that the perpetrators can’t be caught and/or your belongings won’t be able to be recovered. Regardless, the burglary itself should still be reported to your local police. They will be able to help you compose an itemized list of the property that was stolen, as well as offer suggestions of what should be done next. Additionally, they will be able to take all of the necessary steps to double-check the premises to make sure that the perpetrators are not still there.
Do Not Go Inside
If your home was burglarized while you were not there, do not go inside. Instead, remain outside the home and contact the police. This is because there is always the chance that the burglars may still be inside and there is the possibility that they could be armed and dangerous. Additionally, there is no telling how they may react if you were to enter your home and surprise them in the middle of their crime.
Don’t Move or Touch Anything
No matter what, do not touch or move anything in your home until the police have finished their official duties. This is because they will need to determine if they can dust for any fingerprints, find any other clues, and/or determine how the burglars may have been able to enter your home. Not touching or moving anything is perhaps the best way to help catch those responsible for breaking into your home.
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Signs Your Home is Being Targeted by Burglars

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One of the most common questions asked by homeowners is how they can tell if their home is being targeted by burglars. This is especially the case if the homeowners themselves may be new to a neighborhood.
Here are three signs to make note of in order to help determine whether your home is being targeted by burglars.
Door to Door Scams
One of the most common signs of burglars targeting homes is door-to-door scams, in which the burglars will pretend to be salespeople representing various companies offering all types of services, or even asking for donations to a charity. Oftentimes, these excuses are used as a way to help check out homes, see who lives there, etc. Perhaps the best way to avoid this type of situation is to simply either refuse to speak to them or not answer your door.
Invitations Inside
Another common sign of a home being targeted by burglars involves strangers asking a homeowner if they can use their bathroom, which can then result in that same person walking out of the home with some of the homeowner’s valuable belongings. The best way to avoid this is to reject their request in a polite manner and not open the door wide enough to allow them to have a good enough view of the interior of the home. You can also direct them to a nearby public restroom, as well as reject their request by claiming that your bathroom is either being used at the moment or is malfunctioning.
One other common sign involving homes being targeted by burglars involves strangers walking around your neighborhood back and forth seemingly for no reason. Generally, people who live in the same neighborhood will always be familiar with one another. Oftentimes, strangers who take the step of pretending to walk or jog in a neighborhood are doing so as a way to keep an eye on homes that they are looking to target. The best thing to do in this case is to keep an eye on them and report them to the police if necessary.
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How to Prevent Package Theft This Holiday Season

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With the holiday season now upon us, many people will be taking the step of ordering their holiday gifts for friends and family members online rather than making the trip to a mall or store as a way to not only avoid the crowds, but also to save money as well. Unfortunately, when it comes to ordering packages, approximately one-third of Americans end up having to deal with their packages getting stolen once they’ve been delivered.
Here are three tips to help prevent package theft during the holiday season.
Delivery Confirmation
One of the most common tips to help prevent your packages from getting stolen is to require delivery confirmation once the package has been delivered. In other words, before your package can officially be marked as delivered, the signature of the package’s recipient will be required. In the event that no one is home when the attempt to deliver the package is made, then the package itself will not be left at your home.
Consider Other Delivery Locations
Rather than scheduling packages to be delivered at your home, schedule them to instead be delivered to either your place of employment or at the home of a trusted friend or family member. Regardless of which location you choose, there will be much less of a chance of a theft taking place since there will be someone on hand to receive the packages that are being delivered.
Consider utilizing a service such as Amazon Locker for your package delivery. This is a service that will enable you to pick up your package using a special code that you can input into a machine. Once this is done, the machine will then unlock, and you will then be able to retrieve your package.
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Reasons to Install a Home Security System

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If you’ve ever considered whether or not you should invest in a home security system, chances are you’ve wondered whether or not this kind of investment is actually a good idea. However, experiencing a loss after an incident such as a burglary is something that you never want to go through, which makes having one of these systems even more important.
Here are three great reasons why you should consider installing a home security system.
Peace of Mind
One of the biggest reasons that a home security system will always be a good investment is that it will always provide you with the peace of mind in terms of knowing that if anyone attempts to break into your home, you will be aware of it. This is something that will always be the case regardless of if you are on vacation, making a trip to the store, or sleeping.
Children’s Safety
Another great reason to install a home security system is that you will always be able to be kept aware of whenever your children arrive home from school safely. This is something that can be done via either an email or text message. Additionally, your home security cameras will also be able to keep you aware of who your children are allowing into your home whenever you aren’t home to keep an eye on them as well.
One other great reason to have a home security system installed is the fact that studies have shown that homes containing these types of systems are much less likely to fall victim to burglaries than those that don’t have some type of security system. Not only will all of your valuable belongings be protected, but a home security system will also help to make your neighborhood itself a much safer place to live in as well.
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8 Benefits of Surveillance Cameras for Business

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If you have a business, you have a lot to protect. From the inventory on the loading dock and the raw materials in the warehouse to the employees who rely on you for their paychecks, you have a lot of responsibility.


One of the biggest responsibilities businesses face is making sure they are not targeted by burglars. Warehouses, factories, and stores are tempting targets for thieves, especially in the off hours.


So how do you protect your business and the people who rely on you? Surveillance cameras for business provide a number of key benefits, so owners can safeguard their investments and do their part to stop crime in its tracks.

  1. Deterring burglars – The mere presence of a surveillance camera can send would-be thieves scurrying. If a potential thief spots your security camera, they will likely move on to a less protected target.
  2. Criminal evidence – If an enterprising thief does succeed at breaking into your business, the footage captured by the surveillance cameras could prove invaluable. The police will want to see that footage and a good surveillance camera will make it happen.
  3. Lower insurance costs – Insurance companies know that businesses with surveillance cameras are less likely to be broken into, and that could mean lower premiums for you and your firm.
  4. Peace of mind – Having a network of surveillance cameras in place will give you, and your employees, peace of mind. Simply knowing they are protected can improve confidence among your workforce.
  5. Stopping employee theft – While you would like to trust your employees, insider thefts do happen. Having surveillance cameras in your business can deter those crimes of opportunity, so your inventory stays where it belongs.
  6. Affordable cost – Security cameras are cheaper than ever, so there is no reason not to use them. If you think you cannot afford surveillance cameras for your business, think again.
  7. Support for insurance claims – Filing an insurance claim is always fraught with peril, but surveillance camera footage can give you the backup you need. Instead of fighting with the insurance adjuster, you can spend time cashing the check.
  8. Reduce or eliminate the need for outside security – Hiring a security guard is expensive, but having a network of surveillance cameras at your business could eliminate the need, and the cost. Unlike security guards, surveillance cameras do not take breaks, never demand pay raises and work 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


With so much to protect, you cannot afford to ignore the power of surveillance. Simply having surveillance cameras at your business can provide a level of protection, and the more cameras you have, the greater the protection. The eight benefits listed above are just the tip of the iceberg; once those surveillance cameras are in place, you will wonder how you ever ran your business without them.

Four Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

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Millions of home burglaries occur every year. Not only is there financial loss, but you feel unsafe in your own home. Fortunately, you can protect your home by completing simple projects. Here are four quick ways to make your home more secure:


Install a Security System

Homes are more likely to be broken into if there is no security system in place. There are different options to go with. You can choose a traditional system that will sound an alarm if there is an intruder. You can also go with smart technology. These products can perform various functions such as locking and unlocking the house from a remote location or checking cameras from your phone. If a security system is outside of your budget, purchase a fake security sign to place at the front of your house. Be sure to pick a generic sign so intruders will be unsure about what system you may have.


Install Perimeter Lighting

Burglars tend to aim for houses that are dark and shadowy. They do so because the darkness makes it more difficult for a neighbor or passerby to spot anything untoward going on. To make your home less attractive to burglars and more visible to others, you may wish to consider installing some perimeter lighting.


Install a Shredder

Identity theft can be even more devastating than traditional theft. Your house is full of documents that have sensitive information about your life. Do not keep papers such as bank statements and credit card bills out in the open. Instead, consider installing a shredder so that you may easily and securely dispose of them. If you absolutely need to keep physical copies, store them in a secure area out of immediate sight.


Lock Up Your Tools

Tools used for home improvement projects, such as hammers and axes, can be used to break into a home and possibly injure someone. When you are not using tools, keep them locked up in a secure area. If you do not have a safe place to lock up your tools, consider installing one.


In Conclusion

There are many ways to keep your home and family safe. Some methods require making changes to your house, while others simply require changing your behavior. You can have a safe home by making small and simple changes.

See Your Home Through the Eyes of a Thief to Keep Your Property Safe 

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When you look at your house, you see the place you call home, the place where you raise your family and the place where you sleep soundly every night. But when a burglar looks at your home, he or she sees a house full of valuable items to appropriate and resell.

As a law-abiding citizen, it may be hard for you to think like a criminal. But if you want to protect your home and your family, it is important to see your home with the cold calculating eyes of a burglar. Seeing what the bad guys see when they look at your home is the best way to secure your property and keep criminals outside where they belong.

Light and Darkness

One of the first things a burglar looks for is a safe place to hide away from the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby. If they can find a secluded spot to hide out, they can case your house and look for a safe way in. If not, the would-be thief is likely to move on to a more tempting target.

Wait until dark, then go outside and look at your home with the steely gaze of a burglar. Are there dark shadows and places to hide, or does the exterior lighting make the property look too risky? If the lighting outside your home creates a tempting target, it may be time to go shopping.

Something as simple as a bright spotlight above your front door and pathway lights out front could be enough to convince a burglar to go elsewhere. You do not have to spend a fortune to brighten up your home, so there is no reason not to do it.

Watch the Windows

Even the most unsophisticated burglar knows that your doors will likely be locked after dark and when you go out for the evening. That means they will be looking at the windows for a way in.

Take a look at your windows and put yourself in the mind of that would-be thief. Have the shrubs been allowed to grow up alongside the windows? Does that overgrowth create a ready hiding place for burglars and other bad guys? If so it may be time to get out the hedge trimmers.

Putting yourself in the mind of a burglar is not an easy — or a comfortable — thing to do. Even so, thinking like a bad guy is the best way to protect yourself, and your family, from harm. Knowing what thieves are looking for is the best way to see the flaws in your security system and fix them before it is too late.

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Wired vs. Wireless: Home Security System Breakdown

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So you’re looking to improve the security of your home and deter break-ins. There are so many options for alarm systems; how can you choose the right one for your family? Wired and wireless systems both have their benefits, and depending on your personal preferences and the layout of your home, you can select the option that is right for you.


Hardwired alarm systems have been the go-to for most security companies for many years. They are connected to a control panel in the home through a series of wires. These systems are installed through drilling in the house and can last for many years. These systems need to be installed by a professional, so this is a good choice if your home is large or you are unsure about installing a system yourself. These systems are also more secure in protecting your home against interference. They require very little maintenance, so after the initial installation, you should be set. Wired systems are often ideal in protecting large areas.

However, they can be vulnerable to intruders if the phone lines are cut. They can also be more expensive to install since they require a professional to come out and drill into the house. But if you live in a large house that requires a lot of sensors and protection, the price for wireless might be better than buying additional sensors for a wireless system. It is worth speaking to several different companies to get estimates before making the plunge.


Wireless systems are a newer type of home security system that is gaining popularity. These systems are connected over Wi-Fi so you can access the ins and outs of your home from wherever you are. These systems do not require hardwiring or any drilling into the house. They are easy to upgrade since the installation is so simple. If you move around a lot, these systems can easily be packed up and taken to your new house. Wireless security systems offer simple and easy self-installation. However, some companies do provide professional installation if you need it. This can be convenient in a larger home or if you are not confident in your DIY abilities.

Keep in mind that you will need a strong Wi-Fi signal to support a wireless system. They can also be susceptible to interference from other devices in the home, though this occurrence is uncommon. These systems are also battery operated since the sensors are not connected through the wiring in your home. A good system should not need frequent battery changes, but this is still something to keep in mind.

The Bottom Line

Wired systems are a good choice if you intend to stay in the home for a long time since they are permanent. If your home has already been prewired, it is very simple to get your home protected by a company that features hardwired security. Larger homes and areas that do not have Wi-Fi are also better protected with a wired system.

Wireless security systems are ideal for rental homes and apartments because they are nonpermanent, but they are also good choices for any home so long as it is covered by Wi-Fi. They can be easily modified and updated when the company releases new equipment and updated sensors. Wireless systems can also be accessed from a mobile device, so you can control the alarm from wherever you are and monitor movement in your house.

Keep these differences in mind when choosing between a wired and wireless company. Whichever system you decide to go with, wired or wireless, you will now be able to relax knowing your home is better protected.