Best self monitored home security system. When it’s time to choose a home safety establishment to install and keep up your safety system, understand you should always focus more attention on customer service and brand quality, than on price.

Ultimately, just about anyone with a screwdriver can hang a safety camera – but it’s the knowledge and years of experience that will tell a professional where to hang that camera and to what system to connect it, as well as diagnose system failures or service interruptions.

Best self monitored home security system – Connecting with the right safety company means connecting with a company that is interested and invested in your community and will serve your community for years to come.

Here is how we would start a search to connect with the right home safety company.

1 Investigate ‘Local House Safety Company’ Online

Before leaving your home, and don’t we all want to avoid that these days, start your research online. Google ‘local home safety company’ and add your location if needed.

Look for websites, Google reviews, social media presence, online reviews, and images.

Create a list of several local home safety companies.

2 Ask For Recommendations from Friends and Neighbors

Best self monitored home security system – Next, ask your friends and neighbors for referrals. Don’t just ask ‘Who do you use?’ but ask them questions about WHY they picked that local enterprise and what they love about working with them. Ask them what services they’ve contracted for and how responsive that company is when an emergency arises!

3 Keep an Eye Out for Service Vehicles and Signs in your Area

Last but not least, keep an eye out for service vehicles in your neighborhood. When you take your pet for a walk, try to find signs. When you take a bicycle ride with your family, look for those service vehicles. take note of which ones are assisting your neighbors with their home safety needs!

4 Pick Up The Phone and Call

Now that you have developed a list of potential local home safety companies you want to give your enterprise to, pick up the phone and call! There is no substitute for a phone call inquiring about services!

You will know pretty quickly if you are getting what is ‘advertised’ so to speak!

Does a person answer the phone? If you got the answering service or a machine, how quickly, if at all, was your call returned? Did you get answers to your questions and a friendly human on the line? Move this company to the top of your list!

5 Prioritize Your Needs and Wishes

Once you have a top 3 local home safety companies you potentially want to work with, make a list of services you need now, and additional services they offer that you are interested in for a future project.

Choose Locally Owned and Locally Operated!

One more point to drive home. We highly recommend asking each potential enterprise if they are locally owned and locally operated. Supporting your local business in 2021 is an incredibly important thing to do.

If you are in the Austin area, in Travis County, or in Williamson County, we invite you to give us a gander!

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