When it comes to commercial video surveillance, this is something that is extremely important for both a company and its employees, and oftentimes, it always justifies the overall cost of installation. In fact, according to statistics, back in the year 2010, approximately ten cameras were installed in a single commercial building, with the average cost of installation being $13,280.

Here are three great reasons why commercial video surveillance is important.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the best reasons why commercial video surveillance is important is the fact that it helps to protect the company itself. This type of surveillance should always be installed both inside and outside of the building in order to record any and all potential criminals who may either commit a burglary or vandalize the property. Once these images have been recorded, the proper authorities will then be able to use them in order to assist with their investigation. Furthermore, commercial video surveillance can also assist business owners when it comes to employee theft as well. The main point to make note of is that whenever potential criminals end up spotting a camera, as well as when employees know that a camera is in place, criminal activity will more than likely be discouraged as a result.

*Another great reason why commercial video surveillance is important is that it also helps to protect employees. Cameras should always be installed in parking lots, as well as outside the building itself in order to ensure that employees are able to reach their own vehicles safely and without any issues whatsoever. Additionally, the surveillance cameras can also record any and all instances of both employee abuse and customer harassment towards employees, all of which can be used as evidence when needed. All in all, video surveillance can help to indirectly protect employees thanks to monitoring all individuals who enter your business and maintaining a video record of any and all suspicious activity.

*Customer records are another reason as why commercial video surveillance is important, as both supervisors and managers alike can utilize this surveillance to help monitor everything that customers do. For instance, in the event that a client claims to have made an expensive purchase, yet they fail to produce a receipt as evidence to prove this, you will be able to check your video surveillance records in order to successfully determine whether or not they were actually inside the business on the day in question, as well as whether or not they actually purchased the item that they claim to have bought. Additionally, this type of surveillance will also clarify an actual exchange between a customer and an employee. Furthermore, in the event that a customer is searching for any kind of financial compensation due to an employee allegedly being rude to them, yet the video evidence that you have clearly shows otherwise, then your business will be able to successfully present evidence to support any and all claims made by the employee in question, thereby quashing all of the claims made by the customer.

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