Benefits of surveillance cameras – In terms of both security and safety when it comes to your business, perhaps the most important tool that you, as a business owner, can utilize, is commercial video surveillance. In the event that this is something that you may not have considered investing in, it’s extremely important that you do so.

Here are five of the best benefits of utilizing commercial video surveillance for your business.

*First and foremost, whenever a business takes the step of utilizing commercial video surveillance, it can provide a great amount of assistance with preventing both theft and shoplifting, especially when the security cameras themselves are positioned in great locations. According to statistics, approximately 64% of every small business ends up becoming the victim of some type of employee theft, while on a national level, small business stand to lost approximately between $25,000 and $33,000 per minute due to individuals who choose to engage in shoplifting.

*Another great benefit of utilizing commercial video surveillance involves being able to monitor all customer transactions. For instance, in the event that a customer were to make a claim that they purchased an item from your business that costs a large amount of money, yet they are unable to prove this by showing a receipt, you can simply revert back to the video surveillance in order to determine whether or not the customer was actually inside the store on the date that they claimed to be. The same exact step can be taken if a customer makes the claim that a specific employee behaved in a rude manner toward them, as video surveillance can be used in order to determine exactly what may or may not have taken place.

*One other great benefit of being able to utilize commercial video surveillance is the fact that the surveillance footage itself can be used to help law enforcement in the event that some form of criminal activity targeting your business were to take place. For instance, if any kind of vandalism or theft were to occur at your business, chances are the suspects will have been captured on the security cameras, which law enforcement can use in order to identify and capture them.

*Another useful benefit of being able to utilize commercial video surveillance involves being able to avoid any and all legal claims and fraud. When it comes to owning and operating a business, perhaps one of the biggest fears that any business owner can experience is being sued by someone, especially when an individual claims to have suffered an injury, accident, harassment, or some other form of legal issue. When you take the step of having commercial video surveillance installed, you will be able to have definitive proof of what actually occurred, especially if the individual in question turns out to not be telling the truth.

*One other benefit of utilizing commercial video surveillance is the fact that doing so will actually put a business itself into compliance with many different regulations. In fact, all sorts of businesses are legally required to have some sort of video surveillance system installed so that they will be able to comply with SEC or HIPPA regulations, as well as comply with various internal corporate policies.

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