Austin. Capitol city and governmental hub of Texas. Flourishing center of business and technology. A place that demands the availability of reliable, effective security systems. Access control surveillance systems and closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are the best security options available for the protection of assets in both government sectors and business and technology sectors in Austin.

Government organizations and private businesses are prime targets for major security breaches. With threats ranging from terrorism and espionage to unlawful entry and trespassing to theft and burglary, it is vital for the buildings occupied for each enterprise to have requisite security measures in place. Government organizations and private businesses in Austin need the kind of protection that only a professional security company can provide for the prevention of crimes against them. Dyezz Surveillance and Security offers the kinds of access control surveillance and CCTV security solutions that can help protect sites and resources.

Access control systems are proactive security systems used to limit physical access to a building or spaces within a building, as well as resources; only personnel authorized according to a specific set of criteria can gain admittance to those areas. Many government organizations and private businesses use access control systems to create a secure work environment. They define their security needs and choose the types of access control systems that will be most appropriate and effective at addressing those needs—for instance, government and military organizations mainly use Mandatory Access Control (MAC) systems that have specifically defined security clearance levels, rather than History-Based Access Control (HBAC) systems which grant or deny access depending simply on real-time evaluation of activity history. Moreover, these organizations and businesses will often use a combination of more than one of type of access control system for selective restriction, depending on their access management plans.

Another security measure used by both government and business security branches with great success is CCTV. Regularly used in combination with access control systems, CCTV surveillance security systems provide surveillance capabilities as a support component of complete security systems. They link cameras to specific video monitoring equipment; the video signals are not publicly distributed and can only be viewed in a private monitoring location. CCTV security surveillance systems are useful for viewing events in real-time and recording and archiving video footage (usually for a finite period of time before it is then deleted or destroyed). They are extremely valuable for monitoring premises and perimeters, and as a deterrent to crime when installed in plain sight or designated by signage.

Dyezz Surveillance and Security is based in Austin, Texas, and has been offering security and surveillance system installation and monitoring services for close to two decades. Our staff of highly trained security professionals has implemented access control surveillance and CCTV security camera solutions for customers in Austin, San Antonio, and several other cities across the state. For a free quote or to learn more about how the professional team at Dyezz Surveillance and Security can help you, contact us online or toll free at 800-370-2762.

Article written by: Erika Mehlhaff