When it comes to owning a new home, it’s much easier to decorate it than it is to set up a security system to protect it. Unfortunately, statistic show that burglars strike homes approximately every 25.7 seconds, which means that home security is something that should be everyone’s top priority.

Here are four extremely useful ways in which you can easily secure your new home.

Trim Landscape

Take the time to shed some light on your home’s landscape. It’s common knowledge that no burglar or other type of criminal enjoys being placed in the spotlight, which means that if you keep the exterior of your home lit as much as possible, you will be working to keep potential criminals away and thereby preventing a burglary from taking place. Take the time to place lights around both your front and back yard areas, as well as near your garage (if you have one) and all other outdoor structures (if you have any). Taking these steps will help to not only greatly cut down on potential criminal activity near your home, but it will also help protect you in the event that you need to be outdoors at night yourself, as it will prevent you from suffering a bad fall.

Install Security System

It’s also a good idea to consider setting up your own security system as well, regardless of whether the system is a basic one or a more advanced one that contains professional monitoring and home automation. Thankfully these days, there are plenty of options available in terms of home security for all types of budgets and every level of protection. The best way to determine the type of system that will suit you the best is to take the time to evaluate all of the needs of your home and neighborhood. You can also contact your local police department in order to obtain local crime statistics to assist you with this as well.

Protect Wi-fi

Locking down your home’s WiFi network is another useful idea to help with securing your new home as well. This is because the network is essentially a doorway to all of your personal and financial information, and by using home automation, you can make your home more vulnerable to a break-in. Additionally, if your WiFi is connected to smart home gadgets or to your home security system, then it could potentially provide criminals with access to your home as well.

Secure Doors and Windows

It’s also extremely important to take the time to secure all of your doors and windows. More specifically, inspect all of them to ensure that they are strong and protected, as these are both areas that burglars will commonly attempt to enter homes through. If you are moving into a new home, consider changing the locks on all doors, and in terms of windows, consider changing the window latches with locks or key-operated levers as a way to update the security of your home. Additionally, you can also reinforce the glass on both of these surfaces with window security film, as well as install window or glass break sensors.

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