Austin Security Surveillance System. Burglary involves unlawful entry with or without force in order to commit a theft or other type of felony. This is a crime that accounts for a large share of serious crimes throughout the United States, and some of the most popular targets are small businesses, with the largest amount of loss coming in the form of merchandise.

Throughout the past ten years, burglaries throughout the United States have approximately doubled. Business owners can’t afford to ignore being able to prevent something like this from happening again. Thankfully, there are methods in which this can be prevented and business can go on as normal.
Here are some ways in which owners can fortify their businesses against unwanted intrusions.

Illuminate Your Business

Take the time to have plenty of light shed around the business itself. More specifically, each entrance point, including large vents and windows, should be flooded with plenty of light in order to help discourage potential burglars. The best types of lighting will generally come from metallic and mercury vapor lamps due to the fact that they are practically unbreakable. Additionally, it is a good idea to always arrange indoor lighting so that virtually anyone can be spotted by police who will be patrolling the area around the business. Furthermore, window displays should not block the view from the street.


Burglar alarms are another important and obvious step that should be considered as well. The best type of alarm is the silent central-station alarm, which helps to provide the best amount of protection. This alarm sounds off at a private protection agency or a local police station, which the burglar will not know about until the proper authorities arrive to take them into custody. The more traditional burglar alarm would work as well in terms of scaring the burglar away before they have had the chance to complete robbing your business.

Special Glass

Installing specialized glass and gratings is another useful step to consider to help with protecting a business against burglars as well. Both heavy metal window screens and doorway gratings are inexpensive methods to help with protecting display cases. While burglar-resistant glass is actually able to be broken, it is a type of glass that takes a repeated amount of hammering in order to break it, meaning that the burglar will more than likely give up their attempts to break it before they’ve even had a chance to break the glass itself. This is because the substance is made of plastic between two actual sheets of glass.

Tracking Keys

According to experts, records should always be kept in regards to key distribution. Furthermore, all employees should be required to turn in keys whenever they leave the business itself at the end of their shifts. Additionally, having one master key for both the outside doors and the inside offices is something that’s considered to be rather convenient; however, it’s also something that can make burglary a simple matter. Keys should also be coded so that only employees are aware of which specific locks they fit.

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