One of the most common questions asked by homeowners is how they can tell if their home is being targeted by burglars. This is especially the case if the homeowners themselves may be new to a neighborhood.
Here are three signs to make note of in order to help determine whether your home is being targeted by burglars.

Door to Door Scams

One of the most common signs of burglars targeting homes is door-to-door scams, in which the burglars will pretend to be salespeople representing various companies offering all types of services, or even asking for donations to a charity. Oftentimes, these excuses are used as a way to help check out homes, see who lives there, etc. Perhaps the best way to avoid this type of situation is to simply either refuse to speak to them or not answer your door.

Invitations Inside

Another common sign of a home being targeted by burglars involves strangers asking a homeowner if they can use their bathroom, which can then result in that same person walking out of the home with some of the homeowner’s valuable belongings. The best way to avoid this is to reject their request in a polite manner and not open the door wide enough to allow them to have a good enough view of the interior of the home. You can also direct them to a nearby public restroom, as well as reject their request by claiming that your bathroom is either being used at the moment or is malfunctioning.


One other common sign involving homes being targeted by burglars involves strangers walking around your neighborhood back and forth seemingly for no reason. Generally, people who live in the same neighborhood will always be familiar with one another. Oftentimes, strangers who take the step of pretending to walk or jog in a neighborhood are doing so as a way to keep an eye on homes that they are looking to target. The best thing to do in this case is to keep an eye on them and report them to the police if necessary.
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