With the holiday season now upon us, many people will be taking the step of ordering their holiday gifts for friends and family members online rather than making the trip to a mall or store as a way to not only avoid the crowds, but also to save money as well. Unfortunately, when it comes to ordering packages, approximately one-third of Americans end up having to deal with their packages getting stolen once they’ve been delivered.
Here are three tips to help prevent package theft during the holiday season.

Delivery Confirmation

One of the most common tips to help prevent your packages from getting stolen is to require delivery confirmation once the package has been delivered. In other words, before your package can officially be marked as delivered, the signature of the package’s recipient will be required. In the event that no one is home when the attempt to deliver the package is made, then the package itself will not be left at your home.

Consider Other Delivery Locations

Rather than scheduling packages to be delivered at your home, schedule them to instead be delivered to either your place of employment or at the home of a trusted friend or family member. Regardless of which location you choose, there will be much less of a chance of a theft taking place since there will be someone on hand to receive the packages that are being delivered.


Consider utilizing a service such as Amazon Locker for your package delivery. This is a service that will enable you to pick up your package using a special code that you can input into a machine. Once this is done, the machine will then unlock, and you will then be able to retrieve your package.
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