Austin business security alarms. Great safety measures are a necessity for businesses ALL year-round. That means functioning video coverage, effective remote coverage, entry control, safety lighting, and more. However, as we head into the freezing weather season, it advisable to ensure your safety is tip-top and fully upgraded. Here are 4 simple freezing weather safety tips to consider…

Below we’ve listed 4 simple freezing weather safety tips that we believe businesses should be looking at during the freezing weather months, to make sure their safety is still up to scratch:

1. Review freezing weather safety lighting

Safety lighting is absolutely pivotal in freezing weather. It can make a huge difference to how effective video coverage is. With the freezing weather often meaning low light conditions as the longer nights start setting in, it can mean the cover of darkness gets even longer for intruders to conceal themselves, safety lighting can be hugely important, providing effective safety.

Safety lighting can have some further surprising benefits, that are applicable year-round but particularly during the freezing weather months. Make sure your company read our blog on the topic, covering. Why safety lighting makes all the difference

2. Check video devices are ‘all-weather fit’

Despite headlines that claim that we will face weeks of harsh weather it’s hard to predict whether we really will be in for hard-boiled plod throughout the freezing atmospheric phenomenon. Its important sites are braced for the worse case scenarios to make sure their safety systems do not go down come torrential rain, high winds, or leaf drifts.

Ensure the mechanics of ZTP (Zoom, Tilt, Pan) video coverage video devices are still running correctly. Keep an eye out for any spots that may not necessarily cause immediate issues but maybe damaging if winds pick up. For instance, look for any damage on cables and guarantee the camera is still stable.

3. Check margins & fencing

Check all perimeters of an area. It can be amazing what fallen precipitation, ice or even foliation and leaves can hide, whether it’s broken perimeter fencing or items left near to boundaries that could potentially make it easier for intruders to enter sites. It’s crucial that your company check perimeters year round but particularly as the seasons change or following extreme weather conditions.

Check there aren’t any places of your perimeters that simply need a bit of TLC. High winds may cause fencing to come loose or heavy rain may shift items near your boundary and cause on-going issues.

4. Essential area upkeep

If an area is not tip-top effectively, your safety systems may not work efficiently. For example, video coverage video devices are there to detect unwanted visitors, but if the surroundings are left uncared for they can start to detect other objects causing false alarms. Keeping your area tip-top is essential which may include clearing way leaves short-winded on to your area. Animals and insects can also cause false alarms, as can wind-blown flags and bunting as well as rubbish and loose objects including unsecured pallets (which may also attract intruders!).

Austin business security alarms. Dyezz’s fault reporting app is also there to help your company stay on top of this category of false notification, reporting these in real-time to notify so your company can action any repairs or upkeep issues that may affect your safety optimization.

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