Austin adapting to covid. From Mueller to Westlake to The Domain and beyond, all Austinites are becoming accustomed to a new way of pandemic living. Gone (temporarily) are the days of going out with a group of 10 or 20 people to paint the town red. There are no full restaurants or packed tours, no huge music festivals, well, really no festivals at all at the moment. The center of social life has migrated away from the city and back to the home, whether that be an apartment, condo, a place in the hills, you name it.

So, instead of going to Franklin’s for barbeque, we now barbeque at home. Instead of trusting a pitmaster to cook us the perfect roast, it’s up to our own chutzpah and the power of internet how-to guides. Rather than visiting the store to pick up all our ingredients, we send away for delivery. It’s all so simple but a little restricting and somewhat depressing once the weather shows signs of letting up from the harshest parts of winter.

Austin adapting to covid – But that also makes it more important than ever for us to live in safe neighborhoods and homes. Crime tends to increase during desperate times and those crimes migrate away from the hotspots as well and can end up on our front doors. However, keeping an active life around the house can show would-be burglars that there is someone always watching and that helps deter untoward activity.

Rather than visiting the Austin Public Library, you can check out books and videos on their website. Instead of going to a crowded and dangerous concert (there aren’t any right now, don’t even try), you can livestream them online. Trivia nights are also just as easy to manage on the internet, if not easier than they normally would be in a room full of happy drinking individuals. Meetups, which are so common in Austin year-round, can be had with almost any group through the magic of the internet.

So many of the most common and beloved places in Austin now cater to the resident quarantine-dweller. Torchy’s Tacos, Alamo Drafthouse, basically the entire Austin art and culture scene, all provide special services and accommodations for people practicing safe living. Great business owners across the city are showing love their loyal customers by maintaining service in new ways during this difficult time.

Austin adapting to covid – Dyezz Surveillance and Security is no different. During these times we cater to any and all who need home surveillance and alarm security needs, regardless of what their current lifestyle demands. It’s a unique time for everyone and home security is more a necessity than ever. So whether someone is a long-term customer or a potential new client, they will receive the same warm Austin treatment that one would get from any local brand.

And that, too, you can receive from the comfort of your own patio.

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