Apartment upgrades increase rent. In the present-day storage facility market, facility owners and operators run the trouble of flat rates or the misguided notion that all storage facility facilities should charge the same rates because they’re all basically the same. In reality, every facility is different — but owners and operators have to clearly demonstrate value to charge higher rates.

Whether you’ve owned your system for six months or 20 years, technology upgrades offer the most viable strategy for improving the customer experience and raising unit rental rates. By strategically upgrading specific technologies in your facility, you can miss the flat rates trap and demonstrate value to present-day and future renters.

The best storage facility Technology Upgrades

Apartment upgrades increase rent – Storage facility renters are willing to pay more for safety and convenience. Tenant concerns about safety are justified: In the U.S., the value of premises stolen from non-residences exceeds the value of premises stolen from residences. Similarly, boarders pay a premium for storage facility rentals that offer the same convenient (and touchless) experiences they enjoy in other aspects of their lives.

Automated technologies enable owners and operators to quickly implement technology upgrades that improve safety and convenience — the kinds of upgrades that justify higher unit rental rates in today’s industry environment.

Door sirens and smart locks: Securing the perimeter of a facility is vital, but boarders are also interested in safety features for their individual units, including door sirens and smart locks. Door sirens (wireless or hard-wired) enhance safety by providing real-time tracking and response capabilities. Smart locks like ours take safety and convenience a step further by automatically unlocking and locking unit doors when the tenant enters and exits the premises.

•Mobile apps: Consumers rely on mobile apps to perform a variety of everyday tasks. In a storage facility, our mobile app enables boarders to use their mobile device to enter the facility, access their units, monitor unit activity, and more. While some operations build the value of the app into increased pricing models, others charge an added fee. Either way, the convenience of a mobile app allows you the option to capture additional income from your existing units. And given the growing demand for touchless customer solutions, the addition of a mobile app is an easy decision.

•Operator-facing smart door access: The integration of upgraded door sirens, smart locks, and mobile apps with your facility’s smart door access apparatus creates chances for an operator-facing smart door access app like Dyezz’s. An operator-facing smart door access app delivers value to renters because it gives operators and site managers constant visibility to the status of units and enables them to respond to incidents in real-time. The result is significantly improved customer experience, safety, and total confidence for both you and your boarders.

Apartment upgrades increase rent – Savvy storage facility owners recognize that technology differentiates leading facilities from other companies in local markets. By implementing targeted technology upgrades, you not only gain a competitive advantage but improve your ability to charge higher units and grow your system’s income. To learn more about how you can use storage facility technology to differentiate your facility.

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