Amazon Key for Business is a service that is much more efficient and convenient for multi-family buildings to be able to effectively receive deliveries from Amazon. Furthermore, it completely gets rid of the need for building managers to allow entry to the delivery driver, as well as receive packages for customers or business owners who are in the same building.

Amazon Key for Business – The Four A’s

-Authorized: This is a form of multi-stop authenticator that is designed to officially confirm the identification of the Amazon driver, as well as the location, time of access request, and delivery route via the Amazon cloud prior to granting the driver entry to a building.

-Accuracy: These are step-by-step instructions regarding the delivery of a package from Amazon, which includes pictures. This is designed to help with guiding drivers to a specific delivery location that is preferred by the management of a building, as well as improved accuracy regarding delivery.

-Accountability: This involves the access time logs of Amazon drivers being reported to an existing access control device, which allows members of building management to know both where and when these same drivers both enter and exit a building.

-At No Charge: Both maintenance and installation of Amazon Key for Business is absolutely free. Additionally, it also helps to eliminate the overall need for staff to help manage all deliveries made through Amazon, thereby saving on operating costs.

How Does it Work?

In terms of how Amazon Key for Business itself actually works, this involves Amazon installing a special type of smart device that is designed to integrate an existing access system of a building with the current Amazon delivery app. After installation has been completed, delivery drivers will then press the Key for Business access button on their own delivery app, which will grant them time-limited and authorized entry to the building. This will allow them to successfully deliver packages to the desired location via specific instructions from the customer.

What Can Be Expected on the Day of Delivery?

Below is what a customer can generally expect on the day of an Amazon package delivery:

-An Amazon delivery driver will request access to a building via the current Amazon delivery app. This request is made via the Amazon cloud, which will enable them to have the ability to deliver packages without having to worry about being buzzed into the building.

-The driver’s route, identification, time of the request, and location will be officially confirmed with Amazon. This is done via multi-factor authentication in order to ensure that the drivers themselves are being verified in real-time.

-After verification has been officially confirmed, the driver will then receive access to the building for a specific amount of time so that they can complete their deliveries. This will not require them to be buzzed into the building itself by a member of the building’s management.

-The driver will then deliver the package to a specific location in the building per the customer’s requested instructions prior to exiting the building.

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