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Here are three fun things to do in Austin.

*One fun thing to do in Austin is visiting Lady Bird Lake. Named after former First Lady Lady Bird Johnson, this is a location where there are two different large-sized river boat operations that are always crowded during the warmer times of the year, which is when people tend to go on bat watching tours. Whenever the bats end up leaving, these boats will still provide amazing tours of the lake itself. Even better is that you can also book a private cruise for various sizes of parties.

*Another fun thing to do in Austin is visiting Hamilton Pool. This is a location that features some relaxing shade in the covered side, as well as a sunny beach. Additionally, this pool is formed out of a hollowed out grotto and a waterfall that measures a total of 60 feet, thereby making it a site that is completely 100% natural. Many local residents, as well as visitors from multiple other locations, always enjoy checking out this astonishing location whenever they get the chance to do so.

*One other fun thing to do in Austin is to check out the Congress Bridge Bats. Here, you will be able to watch in amazement as approximately 1.5 million bats fill the sky as they depart from Congress Bridge as they prepare to feed on the mosquitoes that fill the air. Even better is the fact that there are all sorts of different ways to view the bats themselves, which you can learn more about by going online to obtain additional information.