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Access Control Installers in Texas – Thanks to the overall emergence of brand new types of technology, the security industry is evolving rather quickly. Now that we are well into the year 2021, there are many new trends that can help to shape the future of physical security itself.

Here are three popular access control trends to keep an eye out for this year.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most popular access control trends to watch for this year involves multi-factor authentication. Due to the overall increase in security threats, a more secure method to help authenticate users is needed. This is where multi-factor authentication can come into play, as this requires the authorization of multiple credentials in order to obtain access. Some of the most common credentials that can be combined include fingerprint identification, video intercom, SMS text, email pin, and more. This type of authentication has been becoming popular over the past number of years and is only expected to become even more common going beyond 2021.

*Mobile access control is another popular trend to watch for, especially since key card access control systems are fast becoming obsolete due to the cards themselves often becoming either lost or misplaced, as well as easily being able to be hacked via equipment that is relatively inexpensive in price. Mobile credentials, however, can provide a much more secure solution, especially since individuals often bring their mobile devices with them practically everywhere they go.

*Another popular trend is biometric technology. Due to the overall demand for touchless access control solutions increasing, something else that is equally growing in popularity is facial recognition. There are millions of users who already use a Face ID option on their mobile devices, with the trend also growing to additional sectors of the security industry itself. This option is also considered to be much more secure than older forms of access control systems as well.

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