Remote Video Surveillance

Quality Remote Video Surveillance


Today’s technology makes it possible to create a state-of-the-art surveillance system that surpasses any level of security available before today. Digital Video Recording can put the finishing touches on your surveillance, allowing you to turn your computer into a commercial grade security system complete with remote video surveillance. The DVR card integrates a color quad processor, motion sensors, multiplexer, pan & tilt, CCTV monitor, and time lapse recorder without the need for separate components.

The tapeless system automatically stores footage on a hard drive. This hard drive can then be accessed remotely from any computer in the world. Remote video can be seen as live footage or after the fact, if suspicious activity has occurred.

woman-laptop2Because there are so many variables involved in purchasing remote video surveillance, you should be aware of the various terms to ensure that you are purchasing the right system for your needs:

Frame Rate – The number of images recorded per seconds per camera
Resolution – Size of the recorded image
Remote Video – Offsite viewing of live and recorded video images
Cyclic Recording – Process by which the oldest recording is replaced by the newest recording

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Dyezz Loaner Guarantee

Dyezz is known for its great products and services — but we also pride ourselves in offering outstanding customer service. To ensure the highest level of satisfaction, we are proud to offer the Dyezz Loaner Guarantee. While we hope that your video hardware works without any problems, sometimes issues do arise. When this happens we will gladly provide you with a loaner video surveillance system until your system is fixed or replaced, free of charge. This is not exclusive to current Dyezz customers — if you have a video surveillance system that is not working, we are happy to visit your company with a loaner system as well, until we can fix or replace your security hardware. We want you to be proud to be a valued Dyezz customer.

Receipt Capture & Point of Sale (POS) Integration


  • 4, 8 16 Channel Models
  • 1-2 Audio Channels
  • Up to 1 Terabyte Storage
  • CD/USB Back up
  • Now Upgradable

  • 4, 8, 16, 24, 32 Channel Models
  • Up to 32 Audio Channels
  • Up to 3 Terabyte Storage
  • IP Addressable
  • DVD Burner/USB Back up
  • Upgradable
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