Bug Detection

Bug Detection Devices to Protect your Business

Dyezz Bug Detection

Today’s technology grows by leaps and bounds, which can be good for business, but can also increase your threat of security breaches from employees as well as those from the outside. When your sensitive information or intellectual property is compromised or stolen, your entire business could be at risk. In order to prevent this from occurring, the professionals at Dyezz offer quality bug detection services to protect your business. We help to eliminate the risk of sophisticated eavesdropping that can be done with the high tech equipment and bugging devices that pose a threat to businesses today.

Let the professionals at Dyezz protect your privacy through the use of our bug detection and bug sweeping services. This method, which is also known as Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM), can help to detect and neutralize any security threats that your business faces.

Our detection techniques are carefully designed to not only detect, but also neutralize many different technologies that are used to obtain access to your business information. We offer the most thorough and effective services to help you ensure that your business is protected.

Consult with our professionals to determine just how your business at risk. We offer the highest level of discretion and the highest quality bug sweeping devices to help you quickly and efficiently identify and remove any privacy threats. A few of the devices that our professionals can effectively sweep your premises for include unauthorized cameras, GPS tracking, audio surveillance and phone tapping.

Once we help you to ensure that your business is free from any type of security threat, we work side-by-side with you to help you determine how to prevent your privacy from being violated in the future. It is our goal to work with you to help make your business safe and profitable, free from the risks of security threats through the use of our bug detection devices and services.

Examples of detection services we offer include:

• Camera placement

• GPS tracking

• Audio surveillance

•  Body wires

•  Phone tapping

Contact us for a comprehensive security risk consultation.  Discretion is priority—we will swiftly identify and remove any privacy threats. Our trained security professionals will educate you on preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of privacy compromise in the future.