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Mr. John Dyess,
Dyezz Surveillance Systems,

I just wanted to communicate to you directly about the quality of the technology /cameras system I received from you at Dyezz. The system and cameras are exceptional quality. The Pictures are clear, everything works great.

I also wanted to let you know everyone I have spoke with, Omar, Alex, Christina ,Shane, Joe, Casey, have all been a pleasure to work with. The attitude of your people is exceptional. You have built a great team of people, and it is easy to see they enjoy what they are doing. Thank you for such a great business experience. It is rare to work with this quality of people doing this level of customer service. Wishing you continued successes.

Chase Philip Randazzo

Howdy! Just a God bless y’all for your donation to the vandalized church in NE Austin. I am not a member there, but I agree with your rep’s statement that Community needs to take care of each other. Excellent! Dyezz is now on my contact list. I will give you a call when I need your services, in the future. Thank you again.

-Toni Rayner

I am using Dyezz Surveillance for my home and at work and they are great. Not that we have needed much assistants once the systems have been installed but anytime we have called we have had immediate response and excellent service. We feel security at home and with the video surveillance system at work we can see things happening to help us and our staff. Highly recommend them.

-Hara C.
University of Texas Childcare

At The Caring Place, we did an extensive evaluation to choose our surveillance vendor. We picked Dyezz Surveillance, and initially contracted for the replacement of our aging camera system.

CaringPlace-Logo-300x201We subsequently moved our alarm services and monitoring to them.They have expanded, repaired, replaced and modernized our security systems. The Dyezz Surveillance team has always provided support in a professional and timely manner. We would recommend them for any company who is looking for a surveillance partner.

– Mark Turner
Director of Information Management
The Caring Place

“Superb quality and workmanship!. We have been using Dyezz Security for over 6 years now and couldn’t be more pleased.

gattisAttention to detail, quality workmanship, and a price that no other security company has been able to beat thus far. We have 17 locations here in the Austin Market and over 20 that these guys service in the Texas region. Same day service is usually the norm with these guys and if things are backed up, they get to it first thing the next day.”

Manager, Gatti’s Pizza– Chris Marshall

chad-group1“We use Dyezz surveillance in all of our locations and could not be happier. It has helped defend lawsuits, stopped theft and gives us a true sense of security. On top of a superior product we could not be happier with the service provided by everyone in the company. From the owners to the technicians they are all professional, dedicated people that care about each account and it shows through everyday actions. We know that we can call at anytime and someone will be on site that very day if needed.”

– Chad Womack
Owner of DogWood, Molotov, Dizzy Rooster,
and Chuggin’ Monkey restaurants

coyote“I have used Dyezz surveillance for over 7 years at all of my Coyote Ugly locations nationwide. They have always provided superb customer service. John and Matt have been nothing short of excellent. Their business model of working as hard if not harder than their employees is exactly how businesses should be run. When I see other businesses doing it that way, I know the relationship will be perfect. Their new motto should be “We do good business.” Very few businesses can say that these days.”

– Daniel Huckaby
Coyote Ugly

troublemaker“I have done business with John and Matt for years and they have always been dependable and taken an interest in helping to solve all our business needs. They take care of things in a timely manner and always answer our call.”

– David T.
Head of Security, Troublemaker Studios

lilceasars2“The best in surveillance, installation and home alarm. Dyezz was recommended to me by a friend who had John and his team install security cameras and alarm systems at his store. I used the typical others you hear about and didn’t have a positive experience with any of them. Plus the cost of monitoring was nothing to brag about.

Contacted Dyezz and they immediately scheduled an appointment to evaluate our needs.They installed and set up multiple cameras, DVR, home alarm system, installed the program to access the cameras remotely and where they could be watched on the personal computer and T.V.

The cameras, cables and DVR were impeccably installed. The I.T technicians are highly knowledgeable. The monitoring has been excellent and the monthly monitoring rate is very reasonable.

There are not enough good things I can say about the whole Dyezz team. Everyone from Dyezz is highly motivated and committed to customer service and satisfaction while maintaining long-term customer relationships. This is one company I have recommended many times without hesitation to my friends and family.

Go with the absolute best in security systems and monitoring when you choose Dyezz”

– Sunny Pujani
Little Ceasars – San Antonio, TX

waterloo-logoWe have used Dyezz now for about 8 years. We have their cameras in all of our Waterloo Ice House restaurants, Docs Motorworks, Key Bar, Iguana Grill, and 24 Diner. We have since started switching our alarm systems over to them as well at a much lower price than before. I actually use them for my home as well. John Dyezz has been a great guy to do business with and always takes care of any problem I have immediately.

If you don’t have cameras in your business, I urge you try them out. We have solved many insurance issues, theft, and vandalism problems with the cameras (and also helped me locate my keys one day as well.) Its also a great educational tool as well to point out to employee missed key steps of service. It’s great when you are on the go and you want check in. I can see the stores from my iPhone wherever I am, even if I am in another country on vacation.

I would highly recommend Dyezz Surveillance for all your security needs. The staff does a great job installing and cleaning up after they are finished. I have shopped around and found Dyezz to be the most competitive in town and I always feel get a fair deal. Thank you John for all your hard work.

– JT Smith
Area Supervisor, Waterloo Ice House Restaurant Group

star-of-texas-cu-convertedGreat service! Dyezz Surveillance and Security provides the peace of mind a business should have. We have experienced professionalism and customer service beyond expectations.

Thank you so much John, Matt and the rest of the team. You guys are doing a great job!

– Star of Texas Credit Union
Austin, TX

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 9.59.17 PMHey guys, if you need an alarm or video surveillance, let me know or go to Dyezz Surveillance. I use their services at home and at In The Buns and The Screaming Goat. It is a local company owned by a great friend so spread the word!!!! They service Austin, San Antonio — and I believe they have made their way to El Paso as well.

– In The Buns
Austin, TX

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 10.01.52 PM“Several years ago when I began looking for a security alarm and DVR provider. I wanted a company who would value me as a customer and provide excellent customer service. I selected Dyezz 4 years ago and have been a satisfied customer ever since. I converted all of my existing business alarm and DVR systems over to Dyezz. I also installed Dyezz products in my home. The customer service and technical support that I receive is outstanding. They are always willing to assist with any technical issues or questions that may arise. I feel that I made the right decision in selecting Dyezz Survelliance.”

– McDonalds Owner,
3 locations in San Antonio

ironcactusWe use Dyezz Surveillance for all our security needs, we just feel much safer knowing we have a company and system we can rely on.

– Michael Pottorff
Owner, Iron Cactus, Corp.

Great customer service!!!!! Reliable, affordable and extremely customer friendly. I’ve been with the company for over 2 years and since the initial installation my experience has only been positive. They are quick to resolve technical issues and are always available to provide support and/or customer service. I’ve rated their service as 5 stars only because that’s the highest rating on City Search. They deserve 10 stars!!!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend Dyezz Surveillance – with them I feel like a person instead of another account. It’s good to know that my home is secured by a company that still believes in traditional values – customer service. By the way, I have both the video (camera) surveillance system and home monitoring. You can’t beat the price on both systems!!!!!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend this company. I only wish other businesses would be more like Dyezz Surveillance!!!!!!!!!!!

– Alfredo Valdespino
Pflugerville, TX

Dyezz Surveillance

Great service! Great product!

– Larry Davis
Oilcan Harry’s, Austin, TX

“I was with ADT for about 5 years and besides the fact that their service was twice the amount Dyezz charges, ADT’s service was terrible, and their customer service was crap. We had false alarms & electrical problems that were never fixed despite all my efforts to have them fix it. I’ve been with Dyezz for 2 years now and I can say their customer service is awesome. The one problem we had they found out before I did. Apparently a rodent or something had effected the system and they came over and fixed the problem before I even knew there was a problem. They are awesome. I truly feel safe with my Dyezz security.”

– David Wilson
Austin, TX

“I just opened a small restaurant here in Austin, TX. We just added a remote video system to view from our home or anywhere we go. We love it and would recommend it to anyone that has a small business. It cost us under $1900.00 for everything so we can watch all areas of the restaurant. Happy Customer.”

– Mary Williams
Round Rock, TX

THE BEST customer service and monitoring rates (I’m picky!)
If there was one business that I could give 100 stars to, it would be Dyezz Surveillance. We became customers for about 2 years ago after our finding out that our previous company hadn’t actually connected our security system correctly and we had been paying for monitoring for over 6 years without it ever working! No refund offered – we searched for a new company and found Dyezz.

I thought I’d give them a try because of their low monitoring rates. I loved that I could support a local business. Now, here’s why I want to give them 100 stars…

At the end of May of 2011, my husband and I went to sleep at around midnight. He rolled his eyes as he usually did when I asked him to turn the alarm on (he thought they were a “false sense of security.”) We were fast asleep when the alarm went off. I was petrified that someone had broken into our home and wouldn’t let my husband leave our bedroom to face this “intruder.”

After a couple of minutes, he cracks open our bedroom door and a massive burst of black smokey air came in – there wasn’t a burgler, it was a FIRE! We couldn’t even see each other and we were standing right next to each other – there was thick black smoke everywhere.

We couldn’t get out from the back door because that’s the area where the fire was so we head towards the front door right as the fire department pulls up to our house. WE HADN’T CALLED THEM. DYEZZ HAD. I didn’t even realize that they actually monitored our smoke/fire along with the standard burglery type alarm. We didn’t have to do anything but safely get out of our house. Our alarm woke us up, contacted the fire department for us, dispatched them to our address and SAVED OUR LIVES.

I didn’t even know it at the time but I was pregnant with our first child, who I will be giving birth to any day now. Thank goodness for Dyezz monitoring and them making sure that everything was transferred over correctly and working when we switched to them.

Their customer service has been exceptional. Any time we’re going out of town or need to contact them to let them know of a “change” they pick up the phone immediately, answer my questions and take care of it on the spot. I love that I can call them, email them or contact them through the website and NEVER have to wonder whether my issue was taken care of or not.

I found out today that they offer Android and iPhone apps to monitor your alarm and home as well. I called them this morning to ask them about putting in a cellular backup so I could get rid of my $47 AT&T phone bill. They are coming in a few days to set up our back up so that we can get rid of our home phone line.

This company keeps getting better. I highly encourage you to switch over to them. Forget ADT and all of the other companies who charge an arm and a leg for the exact same thing with worse service and longer hold times. I love that I can call them and ask to speak to the owner (if I EVER had to) and he would be right there.

We are customers for life! ”

– Pumina

I’m the overall account manager for Davis Group here at Vintage.  Our lead engineer, Thomas, went out of his way to tell me how responsive you and your guys were:  knowledgeable and professional were the words he used.  I deal with a lot of different providers in various fields, and it’s very refreshing to deal with people that are willing to jump in and stay on things until the job is done.

I will definitely be recommending Dyezz to any of my clients that might have security needs, and I can see why your company has enjoyed the success that it has.

Best regards,
Geoff Soechting
Vintage IT Services