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Hundreds pray for healing at vandalized Northeast Austin church

The inside may be destroyed but hundreds gathered outside the St. John Regular Baptist Association Tabernacle Sunday evening for prayer, worship and healing.

“By praying and then doing something about it. Doing something about it, we have to do it in prayer and in love,” said St. John’s Albert Black from the podium at the candlelight service.

After services last Sunday, vandals broke glass, wrote obscenities on the walls, overturned pianos and even drew upside down crosses on the doors.

“I saw it on the news and when I came here I feel like it’s somebody in my family passed away,” said Cynthia Pennick.

Dava Watson and her family attend another church but they came to show their support.

“We’re all in the same family, we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ and so we wanted to be here together to show our love for them,” Watson said.

Soon, St. John may be able to prevent this sort of thing from ever happening again. Dyezz Surveillance has offered them a state of the art surveillance system — a $5,000 value free of charge.

Casey Ellison with Dyezz Surveillance says the system includes cameras and alarms. Ellison said they also put one in for the Austin Zoo recently after they were burglarized — that too was on the house.

“Because we all live and work in the community, in order for Dyezz to be a local company like we are, we feel like we need to give back. And whenever we can help, then we will,” Ellison said.

As candles were lit Sunday night and prayers were being lifted up, many of those prayers were for those responsible for the damage.

“Absolutely. Absolutely because we worship a God of forgiveness and so we have to get past this and pray over them and pray that somebody reaches into their lives as well and shows them a better path,” Watson said.

APD confirms with us that 2 juveniles were arrested Saturday night on the premises after they received a criminal trespass call.

St. John moderator Dr. G.V. Clark tells us their volunteer security guard caught the 2 sleeping in the building — he’s not sure if they vandalized the building again or if they were the ones responsible for the vandalism in the first place.

“Well they were in the wrong place. They shouldn’t have been in this place, this is private property. And they had to know that it had been vandalized,” Clark said.

If you know who may be responsible for the vandalism, call Austin Police.

APD Gang Unit taking over church vandalism investigation

AUSTIN — KVUE has learned that a church vandalism case from this weekend will be handed over to the Austin Police Department’s Gang Unit.

An APD lieutenant confirmed with KVUE Wednesday that detectives believe members of three gangs worked together to demolish and destroy the inside of St. John Tabernacle on Blessing Avenue.

The break-in and vandalism is believed to have happened sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

“It has been devastating. We’ve been heartbroken, but we have hope. Our hope and our trust is in God, and we know that God will work these things out,” said Pastor Emmanuel Limuel.

Austin company Dyezz Surveillance Security is now donating a full surveillance and alarm system to St. John Tabernacle.

“Really the lesson here is never underestimate your surroundings. No matter how good or how bad the area is you live in, always be wary of the things going on around you and the things that you don’t think about. That’s what ends up getting you in the end,” said Casey Ellison, vice president of Dyezz Surveillance.

The church is currently trying to organize a community-wide cleanup day.

“We’re so grateful for the love and the concern that the community has given us, and we certainly do appreciate that. We certainly say thank you to the community,” said Pastor Limuel.

A prayer vigil is planned on Sunday at 7:30 p.m. at St. John Tabernacle, 7501 Blessing Avenue. The community is invited. | KTBC Fox 7 | News, Weather, Sports








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A Whole New Look At Security

Keeping You Safe In the New Year

A Whole New Look at Security

Securing the Austin Lifestyle


John Dyess

John Dyess – Director of Dyezz Surveillance

Now Dyess is reinvesting again buying its own $1.2 million building to prepare for an expanded business model. The company, which employs 28 workers, is moving physically to its new nearly 14,000- square-foot space on Springdale Road and strategically into the fire detection business after establishing itself as a local player in the security business.per year business.

The company, which Dyess initially operated from his girlfriend’s kitchen, is a lesson in the patience and persistence needed to compete with much larger national vendors. Enthusiasm for business needs to be tempered with a measure of caution, Dyess said.


“It’s drive [that’s important], but not trying to do too much too fast,” he said. “You always want to be safe.

Dyess, an El Paso native who didn’t attend college, got his start in security by managing inventory control for a chain of car audio stores. After getting laid off in 2001, he decided to capitalize on his experience with surveillance cameras.

Dyezz Surveillance also operates an access control business that generates about 10 percent of the company’s revenue.

About 70 percent of Dyezz Surveillance customers are video security and 20 percent use conventional alarm systems.

The company initially provided mostly residential security, but the technology has made surveillance cameras more affordable and less invasive for business owners. As a result, commercial properties now account for about 60 percent of Dyezz Surveillance’s business, with 40 percent coming from residential customers.

A typical residential system cost $1,700, and the typical commercial system costs $4,000, Dyess said.

He considers his chief security competitor to be Florida-based ADT Security Services. The company is a division of ADT Worldwide, which is a unit of Switzerland-based Tyco International Ltd. (NYSE: TYC). Last year, ADT combined with Tyco’s other security divisions to generate $8.6 billion in revenue, or 49 percent of the company’s sales, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.John Dyess Security Cameras

That’s some serious competition.

Dyess is working to attract ADT customers by offering a lower rate and no annual contracts, while the company is expanding its services with fire detection and opening Dyezz offices in Houston and Dallas. It already operates a three-person office in San Antonio.

The new headquarters and warehouse is an important part of the company’s expansion plans because it needs to house Dyezz Surveillance’s growing inventory.

The Carmark Group Inc. enlisted Dyezz Surveillance five years ago to install video cameras in its clubs. This Austin-based company operates for bars and nightclubs in Austin such as The Dogwood on West Sixth. It’s also building another club in Houston and one off East Sixth Street, owner Jason Carrier said.

The company, which has been operating for five years before Dyezz started, had never used cameras because the cost and quality of images was prohibitive. But improvements in technology have changed that. Carrier said that each establishment now includes 16 to 32 cameras that enable him to remotely monitor operations from his computer or smartphone.

“You stay connected [to the business] without being physically connected,” he said. “The technology has caught up where it’s not a luxury anymore—but a possibility.”

this article appeared in the September 21st 2012 edition of The Austin Business Journal written by Christopher Calman

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Fine Dining in the Heart of Pflugerville

PBK Stem & Stein Revitalizes the City with Southern-Fusion Cuisine

Some might consider Pflugerville an unlikely spot for a fine dining restaurant encompassing the trifecta of delicious food, beer/wine and live music, but for PBK Stem & Stein, it is the perfect home. The restaurant, which features southern-comfort inspired cuisine, a variety of wines and over 50 hand-crafted beers (many of which are from Texas), was the vision of Shannon and Jeff Coleman to help revitalize downtown Pflugerville. Together with investments from five other prominent couples in Pflugerville and one exceptionally creative chef and sommelier, their idea came to life.

Shannon Coleman, Managing Partner of PBK Stem & Stein, grew up in the restaurant business, helping her grandparents as a young child manage their family-owned restaurant of 43 years. Jeff Coleman, five-year standing Mayor of Pflugerville and PBK Investor, had a passion for not only upscale food and wine but also for improving the quality of businesses and restaurants within the city. As they brainstormed over a glass of wine at their favorite wine bar in Round Rock one night last summer, they began chatting with the owner. Bryan Gano, Level I Sommelier and owner of the Round Rock wine bar, had always dreamed of opening a restaurant of his own and quickly became the mastermind behind the decadent menu at PBK Stem & Stein.

The restaurant itself showcases three unique dining and entertainment experiences for guests, what PBK Stem & Stein calls The Lounge, The Loft and The Patio. However, before you can appreciate the charm of these three areas, you must first understand the rich history of the building.pbkstein

Built in 1906, the building originally served the community as the Pflugerville Mercantile selling dry goods, notions, hats, boots, shoes and fancy groceries. Following the end of Prohibition in 1933, P.B. Knebel opened PBK Tavern, which was also formerly a German-style speak-easy during Prohibition. In 1971, disaster struck the City of Pflugerville when this old building along with several other downtown establishments burned to the ground in a devastating fire. Then in the 1980’s, the building was resurrected as The Dodge City Steakhouse through 1999 and then the European Bistro through 2012.

With the Grand Opening of PBK Stem & Stein on October 5, 2012, this charming restaurant aims to honor the history and tradition of the building once again, rekindling the PBK name and the social spirit that once brought the residents of Pflugerville together in this exact location. In fact, their tagline reads “A legacy of bringing people together since 1933.”

photo4-239x300When you visit PBK Stem & Stein, you’ll notice that the design of The Patio resembles the crumbled brick wall from the old building, brought back to life with a splash of color, hanging globe lights, free-standing Big Ass Fansâ„¢ and a modern flair. Inside, The Lounge takes structural elements of the previous businesses and transforms the space into private, curtain-drawn booths with an intimate setting for guests to celebrate a special event, watch the big game or simply enjoy a romantic evening. Upstairs, The Loft, managed by Level II Sommelier Danny Payne, sets a romantic and cozy ambiance for dining guests with previously adorned ornate, silver ceiling tiles and the recreated original 31-year old bar from The Dodge City Steakhouse.

For the twelve investors that poured over $800,000 into the creation of PBK Stem & Stein, they see this opportunity as a way to “put their money where their heart is.” “We aren’t just investing in the restaurant, but in the City of Pflugerville,” says Mayor Coleman. He and his wife Shannon describe the restaurant as a place to “come and know people.” In fact, Head Chef and Level I Sommelier Bryan Gano envisions the restaurant as a place for guests to slow down from their busy lives and break bread together. Guests are invited to linger as they enjoy a five course meal with their friends and family.

With the breadth of diversity in the PBK Stem & Stein menu and live music every Thursday and Friday night both inside and outside, you’ll find that lingering comes naturally. The menu begins with “Soup, Salad & Sammies” and “Small Plates” such as Cheese Fries (a generous portion of home cut fries covered in gorgonzola cheese, touched off with fried prosciutto, and drizzled with truffle oil) and Crab Cakes with Roasted Pepper Aioli (two jumbo crab cakes grilled and topped with a roasted red pepper aioli).

It doesn’t stop there. The “Large Plates” include homemade creations such as Savory Sausage & Shrimp Cheesecake (smoked andouille sausage and shrimp creole savory cheesecake, topped with a succulent crawfish remoulade), Boudin Bread Pudding and Seafood Gumbo (savory, scrumptious boudin bread pudding topped with a homemade rich cajun seafood gumbo) and the Double-Cut Pork Chop (a thick, marinated double cut pork chop, cooked to perfection, smothered with roma tomatoes and homegrown okra).

Top off your dining experience with one of their signature desserts, including the Chocolate Mousse (a deliciously sweet, creamy, chocolate treat covered with a heaping portion of signature cayenne whip cream) or the unique Not Your Mammas Root Beer Float (Independence Brewery “Convict Hill” Oatmeal Stout & cinnamon gelato float).

Even with an outstanding menu and unmatched ambiance, the Coleman’s state that their biggest challenge is overcoming the misconception that nearby residents need to travel into downtown Austin to enjoy a first-class dining experience. They hope to attract residents from Central and North Austin, Pflugerville and Round Rock by building the same upscale atmosphere you would find in the warehouse district in downtown Austin without the hassle of parking and congestion.

But don’t take PBK Stem & Stein’s word for it; head to downtown Pflugerville and see for yourself!

For more information about PBK Stem & Stein, visit


this article appeared in the November 2012 edition of Nside Austin Business Magazine Written by Suzanne Vernau Feezel(photography by Michael Giordano)


Our Little Secret



Before we had children, we loved trying out new eateries and enjoying live music wherever it could be found. After a long, busy week, we would just sit, savor our food and lose track of time. This all changed dramatically when our children entered the picture, and going to dinner became an entirely new adventure. After children, we decided that the most important factor was finding a place where we could enjoy good food but also provide entertainment for our energetic children who had no interest in sitting at a table.

Dyess Family

Dyess Family

We heard about Freddie’s Place from some friends of ours, and from their description, we knew it was just the place that we were looking for. We packed up the children and decided to give it a try. When we walked up, the giant oak trees and live music playing in the back invited us in, while the children saw the playground and took off running. We grabbed a seat close by to watch the children play as we enjoyed some local music and waited for our food. For the first time in a while, we were not worrying about entertaining our children at the table. We were actually out in public and enjoying ourselves—even before we got our food, we were already in love.

We heard about Freddie’s Place from some friends of ours, and from their description, we knew it was just the place that we were looking for. We packed up the children and decided to give it a try. When we walked up, the giant oak trees and live music playing in the back invited us in, while the children saw the playground and took off running. We grabbed a seat close by to watch the children play as we enjoyed some local music and waited for our food. For the first time in a while, we were not worrying about entertaining our children at the table. We were actually out in public and enjoying ourselves—even before we got our food, we were already in love.

Austin is such a great city to live and raise a family. We are so thankful for Freddie’s Place where a family can go and still enjoy all of the things that make Austin great.

this article appeared in the November 2012 edition of (photography by Annie Ray)

NSIDE Austin Business

Safe, Sound and Secure


As the world changed forever on Sept. 11, 2001, John Dyess knew he had to start his own business in security and surveillance for residential and business owners. It was a calling – or rather, a wake-up call – to get Dyezz Surveillance and Security up and running.

“I decided to move forward in starting Dyezz Surveillance after 9/11. I felt that the country was in need of security for their home and business at that time,” he says with an inner strength and outward calm demeanor that is perfect for the business he and his business partner, Matt Vickers, formed 10 years ago.

Born and raised in El Paso, Dyess had the advantage of knowing both the English and Spanish languages. Having a mother from Mexico and a father from the United States helped shape his multicultural world and enabled him to speak and understand both languages fluently.

The San Antonio market is different than the Austin market. “The clientele base is diverse,” he says. “In San Antonio, we have many customers that moved there from Monterrey. They left Mexico because of the many dangers that were and still are taking place there. Being bilingual is an asset to my overall customer base.”

John Dyess Dyezz Surveillance Fiat

At the age of 22, Dyess visited the Austin area and “fell in love with the city.” That is when he decided to move here. And as with so many other entrepreneurial men and women, Austin considers itself very fortunate to have these local businesses that provide the city with a wonderful service and are rewarded by their growth as a result of their excellent performance.

Dyezz Surveillance services include all types of security systems from your basic homeowner and restaurants to retail stores and major hotels. You can watch your home or business from “anywhere in the world.”

As Dyess explains, “anyone with a smart phone, tablet, computer or laptop with Internet access will be able to see their cameras from anywhere.”


Having more than 10,000 video surveillance customers, approximately 65 percent are for business and 35 percent are residential. Both the Austin and San Antonio markets are about equal in their customer base.

One of the many reasons Dyezz Surveillance is setting the standard in the video surveillance industry goes back to the basic theory of a successful business. “We thrive on customer service and customer support. Knowing how important security is and only wanting the best reputation for our growing customer base is always to service and support our customer after the sale.”

Compared to their competitors, their customers tout rave reviews on their sense of security with Dyezz Surveillance. And they are loyal because the company is there to service their safety 24/7.

“We would not have it any other way,” Dyess says. “We are always here for our clients no matter how big or small their needs are.”

Being able to attain a good percentage of the market share in surveillance and security, Dyess credits their building strong relationships as an integral part of the company’s success.

“My partner and I were able to invest in some of the best restaurants and bars in Austin.” The list includes TenOak, Iron Cactus (two locations) and Doc’s Backyard. From this, Dyess went the extra mile and started a real estate investment group with his brother, Omar Dyess, a realtor.

Dyezz Surveillance and Security is this man’s true passion. “Dyezz Surveillance is here to take the future of video surveillance to the highest level.” This statement says a great deal about the company and the man himself.

“It always goes back to the customer. Dyezz Surveillance was built on placing our customer first. As an owner, I can be reached at any time of the day and night.” And Dyess stands behind this 110 percent of the way.

John Dyess Dyezz

He is also developing visions as to where Dyezz Surveillance and Security is heading next. A true businessman with his clients’ best interests first and foremost, he wants to stay small and not become one of the larger security systems out there.

Growing in the state of Texas is next on the list of goals to be reached. In 2012, offices are opening in El Paso, Houston and Dallas.

“We have been doing business in these markets for the last few years,” he says. “We have been doing more in the Dallas area. Given how large the Dallas and Houston markets are, we can double our numbers in these markets alone.

“Our clients tell us that they are dissatisfied with the security vendors in the Dallas and Houston markets. And with the growing activity in and around the El Paso area, this is the best time to move forward into that market.”

Taking over between two and five customers a week from the bigger security companies, Dyess has certainly formulated the secret solution to security at its best.

“The other big companies out there treat their customers like a number and not a person. You cannot do that in this line of business and have satisfied customers.”

Always keeping the customer (homeowner or business) in contact with the monitoring station by using a cell backup unit, “there will not be any interruptions with the monitoring and the contacting of the customer or business owner on an alarm, and the system will also always be able to contact the police.”

Dyezz Surveillance thrives on keeping the contact list updated for the monitoring station. Another great reason to hold the reins in Texas is keeping it small and personal.

Using an extremely intelligent marketing concept is part of what it takes to become well known in your area and well respected. “We started a program for our customers that if they had an existing alarm system, we would be able to use that system and take it over. We monitor it at $14.95 a month with no contract.”

Now, how much more can you ask for? Dyezz Surveillance and Security was also able to add residential fire alarm monitoring at no additional cost. The range of alarms systems starts at the basic alarm just mentioned to the latest and greatest, where you can use your iPhone or Android app to arm and disarm the alarm remotely and even adjust your thermostat.

Locally owned and operated is another of Dyezz Surveillance and Security’s cutting-edge advantages. “The other companies out there cannot say this,” Dyess says. “Our main focus is service after the sale and having the support team behind the customer. This is the key as to why we are growing, as well as always being on top of the hottest new products.”

Looking ahead, Dyezz Surveillance would like to be the top security company in all five Texas markets. With thoughts of opening a location in Corpus Christi, Dyess wants to open a global division one day. There is no doubt that if anyone can do all of this, Dyess is the man who will give Texans “peace of mind.”

this article appeared in Nside Austin Business (written by Jody Joseph Marmel, photography by Deann Hoeft)

Guide to keeping your Home and Business Safe

NSIDE Austin Business

Ask the Experts

Writer: Christine Lemair



Q: “Our gated community is pretty close-knit. There are times when we may see strange vehicles driving through, but we don’t necessarily want to call the Police every time we see something suspicious. Is there anything we can do?”

A: If you’re a member of a gated community, approach your HOA or community management about upgrading the existing access controls for stricter access requirements and installing license plate/make and model cameras at all the entry and exit points of the community. If people are entering the community strictly for snooping purposes, the sight of the surveillance cameras alone will often deter them from entering.

Q: “We’re leaving for vacation this summer for about a month. I have an alarm system, so I should be okay, right?”

A: If you don’t have someone to house-sit for you, consider investing in a marginal amount of home automation. You can control your lights from your cellular phone, tablet PC, or laptop from pretty much anywhere in the world. Schedule the lights in specific rooms to turn on and off atphoto2



Q: “As an owner of a small practice, do I have to do anything else to restrict access to Protected Health Information located in our Electronic Health Records (EHR) besides passwords and firewalls?”

A: Yes. If you’re using an EHR system, HIPAA requires that physical access to the devices and hardware making up the EHR system (servers included) be restricted to only authorized personnel. Look into bio-metric access controls to the entry/exit points to file rooms containing confidential information. Keys and numeric passcodes can be compromised and misused, but a fingerprint cannot be. Also, consider installing surveillance cameras in the area. It will increase the accountability of your staff and reduce the risk of compromising the confidence of your patients.

Q: “I want to install cameras in my office. Is this going to break HIPAA laws?”

A: No. Compliance lies in the placement of your cameras. You may freely monitor your entry and exit points to the building, the reception area, and the area behind the reception desk. The area behind the reception desk becomes slightly gray; as long as visibility of your patients’ paper files or computer screens containing PIH are not within the direct reach of the cameras so that words on a page can be read when viewing camera feeds remotely, you are within compliance. You may also freely monitor your supply closets and any server rooms that may contain hardware tied to EHR. As you may have already guessed, testing rooms and patient rooms are absolutely off-limits for video surveillance.

this article appeared in Nside Austin Business (written by Jody Joseph Marmel, photography by Deann Hoeft)

ATX Man Magazine

ATX MAN Magazine

this article appeared in ATX Man Magazine (written by Andy East)

Viva Latino Viva Latino

The Eyes of John Dyess are upon Texas

this video appeared on Viva Latino (interview by Michelle Garduno, filmography by Jesse Salazar III aka “Jesse Filmmaker”)



Major Apple White - Co-Offensive Coordinator and Running Backs Coach for the University of Texas John Dyess - Owner of Dyezz Surveillance and Security Julie Applewhite - Wife of Major Applewhite Tracy Dyess - Wife of John Dyess

Major Apple White – Co-Offensive Coordinator and Running Backs Coach for the University of Texas
John Dyess – Owner of Dyezz Surveillance and Security
Julie Applewhite – Wife of Major Applewhite
Tracy Dyess – Wife of John Dyess




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