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Long Lasting Local Partnerships!


Since the late 2000s Boost Logic has positioned itself at the top of high end tuning developing horsepower packages for the supercar market. Diversified among the GTR, Porsche 911 Turbo, Ferrari, Lamborghini and other markets, we strive to create the highest quality products for increasing the performance of your vehicle. They are a group of diehard enthusiasts vowing to offer fanatical customer service ensuring your vehicle performs beyond your expectations. Employing decades of combined experience of the best trained professionals, They extensively research, develop, and distribute the parts you need. Whether installed at our facility or at any of our dealers across the world, the Boost Logic brand ensures a smile every moment of your experience.

Three men sought for smash-and-grab at Army-Navy Surplus

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AUSTIN — The Army-Navy Surplus Store at 8311 North Lamar draws all sorts of customers like campers and hunters, but three men who came in Monday were neither.

Manuel Pacheco is the owner, and he was working around 4:30 Monday afternoon when the three men came inside. Two of them stayed up front, and one engaged in conversation.

Surveillance video shows a third man scoping out the back.

A few minutes later, Pacheco says he heard glass breaking.

“I asked him, ‘What happened?’ He just said it broke. I said, ‘What do you mean it broke?’ He kept walking”, said Pacheco. The man was wearing a backwards baseball hat, and the owner said he used his elbow to break the shadow box.

The shadow box held medals that belonged to Pacheco’s grandfather, Friedrich Korner, a German who fought for Germany in World War II. One of the medals is missing.

“That’s part of our history. It’s not just the medal.That belonged to my grandfather,” said Pacheco, who, unfortunately, doesn’t remember exactly what the missing medal looks like.

He’s pretty sure it has a swastika on it, and he’s offering a reward to get it back.

“They need to be turned in. They need to pay the price”, added Pacheco.

It’s believed the three men are in the late teens or early twenties.

Two appear to be white, one Hispanic.

Pacheco is offering a reward for information leading to any of the men.

Call the Austin Police Department if you have information.


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Let us cover the Security in your home, they can cover the Sound in your ride!

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We love being able to partner with other local businesses!

LOCALLY sourced, globally INSPIRED, COMMUNITY driven café
with CRAFT beer, LIVING wines, ARTISAN coffee & tea.
Date, dog & group FRIENDLY.
Nostalgically AUSTIN


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  • Complete Privacy Encryption ™
  • Encrypted During Transmission & at Rest
  • Fully Encrypted Video & Meta Data


  • Intelligent Bandwidth Management ™
  • Local and Off Site Recording
  • Redundant Video & Meta Data Storage


  • Supports ONVIF and Analog Cameras
  • Full Functionality in All Browsers
  • iOS & Android Mobile Apps
  • On-Premise or Cloud Video Storage

KVUE Defenders: Deceptive home security sales

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AUSTIN — A KVUE Defenders investigation uncovered an increasing number of complaints involving home security companies. It involves companies deceiving customers into switching their systems that could leave them double-billed.

This past November, ADT filed a lawsuit claiming Vision Security Systems, based out of Utah, trains employees to use deceptive sales practices to take their customers.

Claudia Williams says she and her dad were one of those victims. She claims a Vision employee tricked her 83-year-old father, who suffers from dementia, into switching his system last summer.

She says the Vision employee told them it was a simple upgrade.

“I’m like, OK, but we have an alarm system already. But he said we’re going to upgrade and it’s going to be free,” said Williams.

Later that day, she noticed something wasn’t right.

“So, I thought all day ADT upgraded the system until I drove up and I looked at the sign and I was like, that’s not ADT,” she said.

… …