2GIG Go!Control

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Combining Telguard’s life safety communications with the award-winning iControl Networks OpenHome software platform, Telguard HomeControl allows dealers to offer cellular connectivity, interactive services and life style management, all in one the Go!Control-inspired user interface.

Seamless User Experience

Telguard HomeControl provides a seamless user experience by delivering a sleek portal and mobile interface complementary to the Go!Control look and feel.

Beyond Basic Interactive

Unlike competing solutions, Telguard HomeControl’s Interact service level, offers the ability to build notifications from all of the panel’s sensors, not just arming and disarming.

Over-the-air Upgradeable

2GIG panels powered by Telguard HomeControl for life safety are over-the-air upgradeable to life style features, making upselling interactive services much easier after the initial installation.

Connect • Interact • Control

Telguard HomeControl is offered in three easy to understand service levels: Connect, Interact and Control. The Connect service level provides all life safety signaling and panel uploading. The Interact service level includes full interactive capabilities. The Control service level allows the incorporation of Z-Wave devices.

Voice and View

Dealers can add Voice to all three base plans and View service to the Interact and Control plans. The Telguard TGHC Camera delivers event-triggered video clips or images, or streaming video to a smartphone or computer. Built-in speakers and microphone enable two-way voice communications with the panel.

Security and Surveillance Accessories from Dyezz

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DSC Accessories

2Gig Accessories






DVR Lockbox


Simulated (Dummy) Cameras


Prox Cards and Key Cards


Digital Watchdog Security in Austin From Dyezz

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Digital Watchdog Analog Security Cameras

Digital Watchdog Ball Cameras
Digital Watchdog Bullet Cameras
Digital Watchdog Color Box Cameras
Digital Watchdog Indoor Dome Cameras
Digital Watchdog Micro Dome Cameras
Digital Watchdog Pinhole Cameras
Digital Watchdog Pan Tilt Zoom Dome Cameras

Digital Watchdog HD-SDI Security Cameras

Digital Watchdog Color Box HD-SDI Cameras
Digital Watchdog Indoor Dome HD-SDI Cameras
Digital Watchdog Vandal Dome HD-SDI Cameras

Digital Watchdog DVR Digital Video Recorders

Digital Watchdog VMAX DVR Series
Digital Watchdog Hybrid Pro Series DVR
Digital Watchdog PC Based DVR
Digital Watchdog Mobile Series DVR

Digital Watchdog DVR Network Video Recorders

Digital Watchdog BlackJack Series NVR
Digital Watchdog VMAX IP Complete IP System Bundles
Digital Watchdog VMAX IP NVR

Digital Watchdog HD-SDI Security Cameras

Digital Watchdog Color Box HD-SDI Cameras
Digital Watchdog Indoor Dome HD-SDI Cameras
Digital Watchdog Vandal Dome HD-SDI Cameras

Intercom Systems from Dyezz Surveillance

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Aiphonr   Nutone   m-s

Quality Intercom Systems

Increase the level of security in your home or business with one of the quality intercom systems sold and serviced by Dyezz. Whether you are looking for a basic system that provides only audio or you need an intricate system that allows you to not only talk to people, but also see them, we offer various products to meet your needs from quality companies including Nutone, Aiphone and M&S Intercom Systems.

Explore the reasons that your home could benefit from the high quality Nutone Intercom systems including being able to communicate from room to room without the need to scream from one floor to the next or to give yourself the peace of mind you need when your child is out of sight. As an added benefit, the right intercom system can give you an even higher level of security by allowing you to listen to, talk to or even see visitors from anywhere in your home.

The right intercom system can also benefit your place of business by supplying your employees with another level of security. The right Aiphone Intercom Systems or other high quality system sold and serviced by Dyezz professionals can help you control who enters your business. With the ability to talk to or even see visitors without providing them with the right to enter gives your business that extra level of security that it might need. Choose from a variety of high quality systems, each with their own features, that allows you to customize the level of security of your business.

Whether you need to enhance your ability to communicate throughout your house or your home or business needs that extra layer of security, Dyezz offers the right intercom systems to help you feel comfortable and confident in your home or office.

Bug Detection Devices to Protect your Business

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Examples of detection services we offer include:

• Camera placement

• GPS tracking

• Audio surveillance

•  Body wires

•  Phone tapping

Contact us for a comprehensive security risk consultation.  Discretion is priority—we will swiftly identify and remove any privacy threats. Our trained security professionals will educate you on preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of privacy compromise in the future.

Fire alarm Design, Installation and Maintenance from Dyezz Fire Controls!

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dyezz-fire-logo Follow us on FaceBook

Quality Fire Control Equipment

When it comes to fire protection, including fire control equipment and services, decisions need to be carefully evaluated. Because only a few seconds can make a difference between minor and severe damage, it is one of the most important decisions you can make for your home or business.

Dyezz uses the highest quality products and latest technology to protect your home or business from many different fire hazards, including natural gas leaks and electrical fire hazards. Our products are tailored to your exact needs, allowing you to meet the strictest standards in areas, such as laboratories and other intricate business establishments.

Whether you are looking for basic fire control systems for your home or more elaborate systems for your office or place of business, Dyezz Fire Controls can be tailored to meet your exact needs. We offer large systems, such as addressable fire alarm systems to help you pinpoint the exact area of the fire as well as those that alert authorities the second that fire is detected. For smaller properties or residences, we offer conventional fire alarm systems, including smoke detectors and sprinkler systems.

It is not enough to have fire control equipment installed in your home or business; you also need to have proper monitoring to alert you of danger. While a stand-alone fire alarm that is typically found in homes will sound if there is fire or smoke detected, if no one hears it, it is useless. Utilize the fire control services of Dyezz to ensure that you and the authorities are alerted immediately when fire or smoke is detected. Our staff monitors the systems 24/7, giving you the protection you need around the clock.

With the professional design, installation, preventative maintenance and around the clock monitoring that we provide at Dyezz, you can rest assured that your family, home and/or business are protected to the fullest extent from the dangers of fire.

Quality Access Control Systems from Dyezz

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Quality Access Control Systems

Access Control CardsProhibit unauthorized entry to your building with our access control systems. Whether you need security for your main door or for certain areas of your building, our systems can help you obtain the perfect level of security. We understand that no two businesses are exactly the same and that each operation has its own security needs. We can help you customize your system to meet the unique needs of your business – we do not use a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Put the safety of your employees and business first by allowing Dyezz to provide you with the quality protection that your business deserves.

Let our professionals help you find the solution that will provide maximum control over who enters your building. We have a variety of access control equipment that can be used to restrict access, including key fobs, key cards, pass codes and physical scans to identify the person attempting to grant access to your business. We offer a large variety of products to help you have the highest level of security that you desire.

Dyezz Surveillance offers real-time access to the security for your business, without your presence. Let us help you determine which product fits your needs the most. We will help you minimize your monitoring costs while greatly increasing your security and peace of mind through the use of access control. We work with a large variety of products to help you find the one that works best for your business, whether it’s for one door or many doors. You will always have complete access to the traffic records to help you reference who enters your building or areas of your building.

Talk to our professionals today about your exact security needs and we will match you with the perfect product. We understand how important your business is to you and we want to help you keep it secure. The security of your building, belongings and employees cannot be bought – take the time today to ensure their safety with access control systems.

Records of all traffic are stored in a database that can be referenced at any time. Whether your concern is restricting access to one door or many, we can identify, design, and install the access control system to meet your specific security needs.


Access Control Products We Sell and Service

  • Continental
  • Paradox
  • Northern
  • IEI
  • Linear
  • HID
  • Rossalare
  • Viscount
  • Kantech
  • Keyscan
  • Bioscrypt
  • Millennium Access

Dyezz Cameras and DVRs

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flirlogoLargeDyezz surveillance system implores the highest level of current technology to ensure the best quality security protection to its customers. Flir is a leader in cutting edge thermal imaging technology. 

“FLIR Systems, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness.”

Flir, not only creates thermal imaging cameras for home and business use but they also provide enhanced imaging and recognition solutions under the commercially developed, military qualified (CDMQ®) model to a wide variety of military, law enforcement, public safety, and other government customers around the world for the protection of borders, troops, and public welfare.

Using only the best quality products, Dyezz Surveillance Systems leads the security industry by using products like HikVision.HikVision

Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s leading suppliers of video surveillance products and solutions.

Simple, easy to use and powerful and the product aspect that Dyezz Surveillance Systems looks for in the products it provides to its customers.alibi_logo

Alibi security products are engineered to simplify installation and perform straight out-of-the box. The Alibi brand is proof that simple can also be smart.

Alibi New CMS

Manage multiple devices, at multiple locations, from a single platform.

Alibi Central Management Software (CMS) is a professional monitoring platform that enables you to centrally manage multiple devices, at multiple locations, from a single interface.

DSC Controls

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Bold 112614

Beyond Basic Interactive

Telguard HomeControl for PowerSeries and IMPASSA security panels with Connect24 cellular service is offered in two easy to understand service levels: Interact and Control. The Interact service level includes basic notifications, advanced notifications based on sensor activity, and remote arming. When used with an ASG1000-1T5NAS HUB, Interact level users gain the ability to use touch screens. The Control service level allows the incorporation of Z-Wave devices when used with the ASG1000-1T5NAS HUB.

Integrated Cameras

The View service level add-on allows dealers to incorporate cameras as part of the Telguard HomeControl solution. The C24-CAM54IR or C24-CAMANL, along with the ASG1000-1T5NAS HUB, deliver event-triggered video clips or images, or streaming video to a smartphone or computer. For installations that do not require the ASG1000-1T5NAS HUB, choose the TGHC Camera, and lower the cost and complexity of an installation.

Mobile App and Portal

Telguard HomeControl’s mobile app matches the sophistication and style users expect to see on their iPhone or Android devices. The Telguard HomeControl online portal lets your customers quickly and easily enter account information, contacts, authorized users, and manage their system seamlessly from anywhere, using any standard web browser.