Decreasing Costs- Illuminated and Day/Night Cameras

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Decreasing Costs

Decreased costs also are helping to drive the increased popularity of illuminated and day/night cameras. “Now that the price gap is closing between color and infrared-illuminated cameras, we’re seeing a lot of traction for our IR-illuminated cameras that provide their own light source that is invisible to the human eye,” claims Nick Rizzuto, product development manager for Digimerge.

Perry Whisnant, owner of Metro Waste, Charlotte, N.C., likes the Digimerge camera because of its versatility. If part of a room is bright enough for color and another part of the room is only bright enough for black and white, the camera will display an image that is partly black and white and partly color. “It can do both at the same time,” Whisnant says.

One security dealer who is using more IR-illuminated cameras is John Dyess, owner of Dyezz Surveillance and Security, Austin, Texas. Dyess is particularly happy with a model that he buys from Speco. “You can put it in a nightclub and the smoke from the smoke machine won’t affect it,” he says. “It has eight infrared LEDs that provide light and we sell 150 to 200 of them a month.”

Intercom Systems

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Intercom Systems

Quality Intercom Systems

Increase the level of security in your home or business with one of the quality intercom systems sold and serviced by Dyezz. Whether you are looking for a basic system that provides only audio or you need an intricate system that allows you to not only talk to people, but also see them, we offer various products to meet your needs from quality companies including Nutone, Aiphone and M&S Intercom Systems.

Explore the reasons that your home could benefit from the high quality Nutone Intercom systems including being able to communicate from room to room without the need to scream from one floor to the next or to give yourself the peace of mind you need when your child is out of sight. As an added benefit, the right intercom system can give you an even higher level of security by allowing you to listen to, talk to or even see visitors from anywhere in your home.

The right intercom system can also benefit your place of business by supplying your employees with another level of security. The right Aiphone Intercom Systems or other high quality system sold and serviced by Dyezz professionals can help you control who enters your business. With the ability to talk to or even see visitors without providing them with the right to enter gives your business that extra level of security that it might need. Choose from a variety of high quality systems, each with their own features, that allows you to customize the level of security of your business.

Whether you need to enhance your ability to communicate throughout your house or your home or business needs that extra layer of security, Dyezz offers the right intercom systems to help you feel comfortable and confident in your home or office.

Intercom Products We Sell and Service




Remote Video Surveillance

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Quality Remote Video Surveillance


Today’s technology makes it possible to create a state-of-the-art surveillance system that surpasses any level of security available before today. Digital Video Recording can put the finishing touches on your surveillance, allowing you to turn your computer into a commercial grade security system complete with remote video surveillance. The DVR card integrates a color quad processor, motion sensors, multiplexer, pan & tilt, CCTV monitor, and time lapse recorder without the need for separate components.

The tapeless system automatically stores footage on a hard drive. This hard drive can then be accessed remotely from any computer in the world. Remote video can be seen as live footage or after the fact, if suspicious activity has occurred.


Because there are so many variables involved in purchasing remote video surveillance, you should be aware of the various terms to ensure that you are purchasing the right system for your needs:

Frame Rate – The number of images recorded per seconds per camera
Resolution – Size of the recorded image
Remote Video – Offsite viewing of live and recorded video images
Cyclic Recording – Process by which the oldest recording is replaced by the newest recording

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Smart Home Controls with Complete Video Surveillance and Alarm

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2GIG/DSC Home Alarms in Austin – Smart Home Controls with Complete Video Surveillance and Alarm
At Dyezz Surveillance, we offer top quality equipment to ensure complete security.  We utilize both 2GiG and DSC Alarm Systems that also allow for a variety of other functions such has Remote Viewing from any Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer; Control your Thermostat, Lock/Unlock your doors remotely, ARM/DisARM your Alarm, Turn on/off your lights or any other Z-wave compatible devices.

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