Don’t Put off your upgrades – Appointments are filling FAST

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Don’t put off your UPGRADES!

Back to school, Halloween and the Holidays… Everything is creeping up on us so fast this year! Don’t put off your upgrades or maintenance appointments until the last minute.  Appointments are already filling fast and we want to make sure you and your family are fully protected.


DSC Controls

DSC Control

Beyond Basic Interactive

Telguard HomeControl for PowerSeries and IMPASSA security panels with Connect24 cellular service is offered in two easy to understand service levels: Interact and Control. The Interact service level includes basic notifications, advanced notifications based on sensor activity, and remote arming. When used with an ASG1000-1T5NAS HUB, Interact level users gain the ability to use touch screens. The Control service level allows the incorporation of Z-Wave devices when used with the ASG1000-1T5NAS HUB.

Integrated Cameras

The View service level add-on allows dealers to incorporate cameras as part of the Telguard HomeControl solution. The C24-CAM54IR or C24-CAMANL, along with the ASG1000-1T5NAS HUB, deliver event-triggered video clips or images, or streaming video to a smartphone or computer. For installations that do not require the ASG1000-1T5NAS HUB, choose the TGHC Camera, and lower the cost and complexity of an installation.

Mobile App and Portal

Telguard HomeControl’s mobile app matches the sophistication and style users expect to see on their iPhone or Android devices. The Telguard HomeControl online portal lets your customers quickly and easily enter account information, contacts, authorized users, and manage their system seamlessly from anywhere, using any standard web browser.

See how it works!

Get out and enjoy the weekend!!!

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Its too beautiful to stay inside this weekend!!!
Go see our friends at Lake Travis Zipline Adventures and tell them we sent you!
Don’t forget to SMILE for the CAMERAS!

Dyezz Austin's photo.

Locking Down Wireless Home Security for Renters

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Published July 14, 2015 Zillow

People put off installing home security systems for all kinds of reasons. Sure, having a big, barking dog and living in a nice neighborhood may help — but burglars are smarter than you think.

A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States, and homes without security systems are up to three times more likely to be targets of a burglary.

And it turns out that renters are actually the last group of people who should delay securing their homes. “The burglary rate for rental properties was 56 percent higher than the rate for owner-occupied homes,” reveals a 30-year study by the U.S. Department of Justice.

If concerns about the price of a security system are holding you back, you might be surprised to learn that while monthly monitoring can run from $15 to $100, the average monthly cost is just $30. And when you factor in reduced renter’s insurance after your security system is installed, the cost of a safe home is cheaper than you’d think.

Still not convinced? Today’s security systems are more streamlined and easier to use than ever. With home automation a growing trend and apps available for everything in your life, it’s only fitting that your security system is just as tech savvy.

Benefits of a wireless home security system

If you’re debating whether a wired or wireless home security system is better, read on to learn why a wired system can’t compete with a wireless setup.

  • Affordable installation. Setting up traditional wired systems requires drilling through sheetrock to run cables through your walls. Wireless installation is mess-free, and often easy enough to install yourself rather than paying for a professional installation.
  • Clutter-free. With a wireless security system, individual sensors communicate wirelessly to the control panel. This means you won’t need to hide a network of wires within the walls and floors of your home.
  • Easy troubleshooting. Wireless systems make troubleshooting a breeze. Practically any issue can be solved remotely, saving you time and money on the technician visit you’d face with a wired system.
  • Portable. A wireless system is a portable system. You can take your security system with you when you move.
  • Less down time. With a wired system, when there’s a power outage or line cut, chances are your wired security system will go down, too. But wireless systems aren’t vulnerable to the same issues a wired system faces. And with a wireless system’s battery backup, you can rest easy knowing your home will always be secure.

Back To School Safety Tips

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1) Walk the school route along with your children before the first day of school to make sure it is safe and your child knows the route.

2) When you can’t walk with your children, encourage them to walk with a friend.

3) Encourage your kids to avoid short cuts unless they have been pre-approved.

4) Tell your children to stay observant and aware of their surroundings as they walk. If they think they are being followed, they should immediately go to a trusted adult and tell them.

5) Make sure your child knows what to do if they think they are in danger – they should yell “help” or “you are not my mom/dad” and run to the nearest business or back to school.

6) Tell your child, if a stranger asks them questions, they should not get close to the car. Make sure they know to never get in a car with a stranger – anyone the kids and parents don’t know or know very well.

7) Establish a code word with your child to identify a person as a trusted adult.

8) Make sure your child knows they should never go near any adult they don’t personally know who asks for assistance. Some “bad” adults might ask for help or even claim they are looking for a lost puppy.

9) Make sure your children know who is a trusted adult: law enforcement, store owners, or a teacher, to name a few.

10) Tell your child that if they are ever in a situation that makes them uncomfortable, they have the right to say no, loud and clear.









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April, 6th 2015


Spring into the digital age

Have you ever wondered how to control your Security System from your Smart Phone or Tablet? Call our Design Technicians at (800)370-2762 for details about how you can eliminate the need for a home phone line for our alarm system, and bring your security system into the digital age for less then an additional 45¢ a Day!

The Expert Opinion on Smart Home Security

Get the facts first! Our experts answer some of your questions regarding the concerns and myths of “Smart Homes” 

Our team has always been dedicated to helping you fully understand your Security System and all of the options you have for your system. If you have a specific questions or concerns about the idea of bringing your home into the digital age, please E-Mail us!

We asked our VP of Operations, Casey Ellison and Sales Team:
1) If My Security System can be disarmed by an App, cant anyone download that

app and get into my home?


Each system is connected to a specific account and e-mail address with unique usernames and passwords- Much like your Mobil Banking App and just as secure.

2) Will my alarm system be connected to my internet? Will that slow my internet speeds inside the house?


This 3G GSM System will not need to connect to your home internet at all!

3)Will my children be able to unlock the doors without a smart phone?


Your doors will still have a traditional key as well as an optional numeric key pad for some systems that your children, or guests will be able to use to enter the home without a smart phone or any of your personal alarm data.

4) What happens if the power goes out? Will we be trapped in the house? 


All of your doors and windows will still operate manually as they do now. If the Power does go out, your systems battery back up will come on and support the entire for a time. After the power has returned, if your system trouble lights do not reset and turn off, call us to come take a look at it for you.


Meet Team Dyezz
We are happy to welcome some new faces around Dyezz these days. With the growing demand for both Home and Commercial Systems, we have brought in two new  Design Specialists, Nathan Buck and Bobby Moorman.
The Installation and Service Teams have been growing as well with the newest additions of David Cortez to our San Antonio Team and Paul Mayer in Austin.

John Dyess
Dyezz Surveillance and Security

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SXSW Safety Tips- Have fun and be Safe!

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2015 SXSW and March events safety tips

AUSTIN — Thousands of people will be in Austin this month attending many events including SXSW, the 78th Annual Star of Texas Rodeo and more.

The Austin Police Department issued a reminder to citizens to protect parked vehicles and bicycles from thieves during these events. In Texas, it only takes five minutes for a vehicle to be stolen and only two and a half minutes for a vehicle to be burglarized. Thieves tend to target public streets, shopping malls, hotels, apartment complexes, hike & bike trails, hospitals, large parking facilities and residential driveways.

Every year, thousands of individuals lose their identity, transportation, safety and well-being to vehicle related crimes, according to APD. Most of these crimes can be prevented if drivers will take a few extra moments to take the following precautions and safety measures during the events:


  • Lock your car and take your keys
  • Always park in a well-lit areas and attended parking lots
  • Do not park in areas that say “No parking”
  • Don’t leave valuables in plain view
  • Secure valuables in the trunk prior to arrival at your designation
  • Install protection devices like visible steering wheel locks, ignition kill switches, fuel kill switches, alarms and vehicle tracking devices
  • Towing will be enforced in the Guadalupe Neighborhood area. The boundaries are East 7th-11th Streets from the west frontage road of Interstate 35 to Navasota St.
  • If your vehicle gets towed from a public street or alley, call Southside Wrecker at (512) 441-7094. If you get towed from a private parking lot, a sign will be posted at the entrance with the contact information for the towing company servicing that particular lot.
  • Only provide money to legitimate parking attendants.

For Bicyclists

  • Use a heavy duty U-lock
  • Use a heavy duty bicycle chain lock with combination — using a combination of both devices will further help in prevention of bicycle theft
  • Registering your bicycle — Go here to register your bicycle
  • Always check over your shoulder and signal your intentions, even when just changing position in a lane
  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks – never assume that because you can see vehicles, they can see you
  • Obey the same traffic laws as vehicles.

Other safety tips include:

For Pedestrians

  • Stay off the road when possible – use sidewalks and crosswalks when available
  • Monitor the traffic around you so you can assess the risks you face
  • Never assume that because you can see vehicles they can see you
  • Eliminate distractions such as cell phones and electronics
  • Wear reflective clothing when walking at night and walk in well-lit areas

For Drivers

  • Don’t drive distracted
  • Don’t text and drive
  • Slow down, especially in areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic
  • Share the road with pedestrians, cyclists and other road users
  • Check mirrors and blind spots for bicycles and pedestrians before turning, changing lanes or opening car doors
  • When passing a cyclist, reduce speed and give plenty of space
  • Always signal your turns
  • Drive sober

Use the Buddy System

  • It is always important to use the buddy system; if you are with a group of friends try your best to stay with your group. If for some reason you get separated from your group, designate a meeting location.
  • Sometimes cell phones do not work due to high usage in one area, so have a backup plan. Designate a driver!
  • It is not worth getting behind the wheel drunk. You are putting your own life and innocent lives at risk.

Protecting your valuables

  • If you are staying in a hotel, it is important for you to put all your major valuables such as computers, electronics, jewelry, etc. in a secure area

Please visit this site for more information and tips:


Chris Minjarez: CMG Financial

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We love being able to recommend our clients to you. Chris Minjarez’s commitment to customer satisfaction and quality is truly unique in his industry.



At CMG Financial, we strive to define ourselves by our client’s expectations. We believe they need to begin high. From your initial contact through to a satisfied close, we believe you need to experience an extraordinary combination of choice, speed, price and service.

For us, extraordinary begins with the understanding that no two households are the same and the needs of each client are as unique as that of a fingerprint. Delivering the right loan, for the right reasons, in a way that exceeds all expectations is our business. At CMG Financial, extraordinary is every day.


The following principles represent the commitment we make to each client we are given the opportunity to serve. These principles have been established, affirmed, and are lived by each member of my very dedicated and talented team.

Without exception, we will ask questions and listen to our clients in order to fully understand their needs. Every day we strive to create mortgage solutions that compliment our client’s overall financial strategy, and assist them to most effectively accomplish their financial goals. We remain sensitive to the fears that many homebuyers may have about obtaining a mortgage loan and earn their confidence as a trusted advisor through one of the most important financial decision they may ever make in their lifetime.

We respect our client’s time and minimize the amount of effort required of them by applying our knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness. We are committed to regularly communicating with our clients to keep them informed on the status of their loan to reduce the stress that is associated with uncertainty. It is our duty to ensure smooth, on time closings with anticipated costs and terms. We take full responsibility for our actions and remain honest at all times, while seeking to improve the quality of service we provide. We encourage each client to critically evaluate our performance. When our client’s willingly and confidently recommend us, we know that we have fulfilled our commitment to extraordinary service.



Top 10 Consumer Tips from the BBB

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Go to for more information

2015 Torch Award Winners

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