FLIR is in IN SECURITY Magazine

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Make your house a 2GiG Smart Home with Dyezz

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2GIG Home Alarms in Austin – Smart Home Controls with Complete Video Surveillance and Alarm
At Dyezz Surveillance and Security, we offer top quality equipment to ensure complete security.  We utilize both 2GiG Alarm Systems that also allow for a variety of other functions such has Remote Viewing from any Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer; Control your Thermostat, Lock/Unlock your doors remotely, ARM/DisARM your Alarm, Turn on/off your lights or any other Z-wave compatible devices.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and we are growing to match!

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We would like to welcome our newest members to the Instillation and Servicing teams, Deondre, Rich, Nick, Matthew and Roy. Our IT Department has welcomed Justyn and Joe to the team as well!

Unfortunately we have had to say Goodbye to one of our San Antonio Technicians, Rick Grant. You will be missed! Good Luck to you in your future adventures!


Texas A&M University Police Upgrade Body Cameras

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University Police Upgrade Body Cameras

Posted: Wednesday, November 05, 2014 22:28
Updated: Wednesday, November 5, 2014
University Police Upgrade Body Cameras

COLLEGE STATION, TX-  The Texas A&M police department has upgraded its use of body cameras. The department began using 24 cameras for their patrol officers in 2011 but recently they decided to provide each of their 70 officers with brand new cameras.

“It’s important to know you are catching the right guy instead of someone saying ‘oh he did this.’ This is what happened. Peoples word isn’t really reliable anymore,” says Brooke Taylor, a Texas A&M student.

The university police departments new body cameras will provide actual proof.

“They create a sense of trust for the department. Of course they create the transparency of the department as well and help cut down on complaints,” says Lt. Allan Baron

Lieutenant Allan Baron with university police says the new Prima Facie body cameras will enhance officer safety, allow the department to evaluate procedures and provide proof in case there are any incidents

These new body cameras can get footage in areas that normally do not have video surveillance, like the students walking around on campus. University Police officers can get a video of them with audio and get a photo.

The new cameras can play back audio and video footage in the field, take pictures and shoot footage in the dark. These are major upgrades from the old cameras that allow officers to provide more accurate and reliable accounts when preparing reports.

“Buildings have security cameras and everything like that and it’s just another way to monitor security of the people,” says Justin Nicholas, a Texas A&M student.

Students I spoke with agreed that video footage is important for documentation.

“There is no nay sayers to say this occurred. They actually have the proof of what actually occurred and what happened,” says Jawaad Ali-Kparah, another Texas A&M student.


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Beware this Halloween: Cameras are Everywhere

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You too could be caught on Camera… Celebrate Responsibly

Dyezz Is Everywhere!!!

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At Dyezz, we’re committed to bringing you the best surveillance options and service available. With offices in Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Houston, and our central headquarters located in Austin, you can find us in virtually any city across Texas, and as our company grows, so will the number of areas we serve. Check out the link below for a comprehensive view of our service areas. Click on a map to learn more about Dyezz Surveillance in your city, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about surveillance in your area.